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    Candy2569 New Member Member

    I'm hoping someone may have had some experience with this and can offer some help. I have had a 29g nano cube fully stocked for several months. I do consistent maintenance and water changes and all fish are happy and water quality is excellent. My boyfriend decided to set up his own 20 gallon so we siphoned some water from my tank into his to get him started. I soaked his new filter bio balls in my tank for 2 weeks before set up and gave him some filter media as well as some slightly used activated carbon from my tank. We set up the tank yesterday and added 2 panda garras and a pleco. The tank is planted with a Hydor filter. The UV light is in transit. This morning we tested the water with API water testers and a Hanna LR Ammonia kit. The API ammonia test appears to be at 0 but the Hanna test kit read .50, .36, and .51 the several times we tested it. I double checked my water in the same kit and tests showed 0. What could be causing the difference between the 2 tests and which one should we rely on? We want to be sure to act accordingly. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance
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    First off, welcome!

    What sort of API test are you using? I use API Master Test Kit, as I've found that it produces the most consistent results.

    Using water from an established tank and soaking new media in tank water won't do much in the way from growing BB since most of it lives in your filter media. Using filter media from your established tank like you're doing is a better method.
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    I can't be certain why your tests aren't being consistent, unless you don't shake up the bottles before use...

    What I want to say is, if these bio balls were only sitting inside of your tank and not inside of your filter, very little bacteria would have grown on them for establishing seeding material. I would be more inclined to believe the tests that are showing positive for ammonia

    I second what Lchi87 said.
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    I've always used the api master test kit. I've never had any reason to doubt it.
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    The bio balls and carbon were in my filter. I use the liquid API test kits, and we used media from my filter as well... I always follow instructions and have never had a problem with misreading the vials. I tested and retested and tested again against my own water. API always yellow. Hanna test always .4-.5. I don't get it
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    My gut is to go with the API liquid test. But I'd get some TSS+ or Seachem Stability to use as a precaution. Both of those can help jumpstart your BB colony. If you're using Seachem Prime as a dechlorinator, that can help temporarily detoxify ammonia as well.