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    Hello. I just set up a new aquarium 3 days go. I put in java fern, anubias, a bunch of sword plants, and cardinalis plants. All are tissue culture plants. 0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, 0 nitrates. I used old media to kick start the cycle. I have 14 tiny guppy fry in there. The phosphates are around .25. All my plants look awful. They are all browning and even the anubias are looking awful. The light is the same light I have in my other tank in which the plants are beautiful and large which were also from tissue culture.
    The only difference is the substrate. My other aquarium has plain gravel and this one has eco complete. I did put in root tabs and I am dosing half dose of flourish comp. The plants that are doing well are the intermediate plants which I find funny. The s repens is fine and the crypt undulata is fine. Is this just new plants getting used to their environment?

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    Are you sure it's cycled? It is very unusual to have 0 nitrates in a cycled tank even a heavily planted one. Putting some used media will dramatically speed up cycling but will not do it instantly. When you add new plants they take time to establish roots. Some aquatic plants are able to absorb nutrients through their leaves whilst some only through their roots. Obviously root feeders take more time to establish. Try using an in water plant food ( I use Flora boost) to help the plants. Your lack of nitrates may make the situation worse as plants NEED nitrates.
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    It is NOT cycled. Sorry if I said it was. There is no way it's cycled. It has only been up 4 days. I just used media from a cycled tank to kick start it amd last time I did that it still took 2 weeks to cycle.
    Thank you for helping. I thought nobody was going to help. Should I add Seachem Nitrate to help? It's a 20 gallon and those fry in it are only a week old so their bio load is probably hardly anything.