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New Aquarium Lid?

  1. s

    sullivanbay94 Valued Member Member

    About 2 months ago i bought an Aqueon 29g LED aquarium kit.. came with 1 LED strip, hood, filter ect..

    I made it clear to the staff of the LFS that i wanted to have a heavily planted aquarium and want to start off with a smallish size.. they recommended that kit. (I should have done more research before purchasing but i took their word for it) I bought an extra light strip for the hood and I am still not getting enough light for my plants.. My question is can i buy a glass lid for the tank and then purchase individual light bars to put over top. I have checked the aqueon website and they don't seem to have a glass lid to fit my tank. Where would i get a glass hinged lid?
  2. GettinTanked

    GettinTanked Valued Member Member

    If it's just a normal rectangular shaped tank that should be pretty easy to do. Just look at the dimensions of the top and search. Amazon is a pretty safe bet.


  3. midna

    midna Well Known Member Member

  4. OP

    sullivanbay94 Valued Member Member

    The tank i have is 30 X 13- would that fit? if so then thank you i will buy one on amazon tonight!! :)
  5. midna

    midna Well Known Member Member

    i'd honestly look for it at a local pet store first. for some reason the ones on amazon are like $10 more expensive than the ones they sell at petsmart, petco, pet supplies plus, and even lfs. since they're the same brand i would think it'd fit?? they usually list on there what tank size fit