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Hi, I'm looking to get a tank that's about 38 gallons to put in my room. I really don't know a whole lot about fish but I kind of was wanting maybe a bigger fish or two in my tank, along with some smaller ones. I know this is kind of vague but if any of you could suggest some fish for me that would work together I would really appreciate it!
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What do you mean by "bigger" and "smaller" fish? They can be very subjective terms.
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Welcome to the forum and glad you joined us. First before anything read the link nitrogen cycle. That is the first and most important step and needs to be done either before you get any fish or you can do a fish in cycle with just a few to begin with and a bacterial additive like Tetra Safe Start plus. As for stocking that tank you have lots of options You could do an angelfish with some peaceful schooling fish like cherry barbs, harlequin rasboras, glowlight tetras, cardinal tetras , black neon tetras are a few . each fish are schooling fish and would need a minimum of 6 each, more is better so pick 2 and get larger numbers of each. The in the bottom you could do a BN pleco and a school of corydora catfish or a school of kuhlI loaches. you could also add a couple of snail and some shrimp. Alternately instead of an angelfish you could do a pair of pearl gourami, or a trio of honey gourami or a pair of thicklipped gourami would all work with the other fish as well. There also lots of other options as well. If you do the angelfish or the gourami you need to have them with peaceful tankmates, no fin nippers, and they all need to be comfortable in the same temperature. ...Alison
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+1 for khulis and pearl gouramis!!!
They are great fish
Make sure to get at least six of the khulis because they are social!
I got 20 in a 120gal they all have lots of personality
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Hi, so I posted a message yesterday but this on is updated. So I am planning on getting a 46 gallon fish tank to put in my room. I'm not worried about the equipment that I need I have help with that and will get the right stuff. However I really do not know much about fish. If I am looking for a lively looking tank with maybe 2 or 3 bigger sized fish (5-7 inches aprox) and then some smaller fish (maybe schools) swimming around as well what fish would you all recommend? I just want a really cool tank and any replies are appreciated!
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Maybe like this?
3x Pearl gourami (2 f, 1 m) (m=5", f=4")
10x Harlequin rasbora
15x Cardinal tetra
10x Cory (temp compatible) or kuhlI loach
3-5x Snail
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What are the dimensions of the tank?
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The tank is 36 inches wide and 20 inches high. I was thinking I wanted some chiclids and maybe other cool smaller ones. Thank you for that reply I think some of those smaller ones look sweet. Would they still work with cichlids and what are some cool cichilds in y'alls opinion? (I have a friend with a big tank with like 20 chiclids and a plecostomus and some clown loaches. I really like his that's where I got the chiclid idea but not too sure if something like this will work for me).
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What about the third dimension? 36 x ? x 20

This tank is too small for African cichlids (sounds like that's what your friend has).

What about something like this?

10-12x Schooling species #1 (harlequin rasbora, cherry barbs, lemon tetra, or glowlight tetra, etc.)
10-12x Schooling species #1 (harlequin rasbora, cherry barbs, lemon tetra, or glowlight tetra, etc.)
2x Dwarf cichlids (pair of keyholes, Bolivian rams, Apistos, etc.)
3-5x Honey gourami or 1x Angelfish

If it were me, I'd do this:
10x Glowlight tetras
10x Lemon tetras
2x Keyhole cichlids
5x Honey gourami
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The tank is 16"L 36"W 20"H. How big do some of those fish get? I defiantly want some fish that are good sized and visible. If I need to I could get a bigger tank.

I just thought 46 gallons could hold bigger fish with schools as well
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Keyholes get just over 4". You'll be able to see them, and your tank will look full.
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Could I do a pair of those cichlids maybe keyhole or Bolivian ram+ an angelfish? I'm not sure if my friends is overstocked but he said he has around 20 African cichlids in his tank which is 90 gallons. That just seems like a lot if 46 can only hold 2. I appreciate your help a lot I don't know much here :/
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You stock African cichlids differently than others.

Yes, you can definitely do an angel. What about something like this?

12-15x Cherry barb, glowlight tetra, other warm water schooling fish
1x Angelfish
2x Keyholes
1x Clown pleco
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TexasDomer, Would he be able to add a school of cories to that stock? And do something like:

6-8x aeneus C.
6-10x schooling fish (unsure)
2x keyhole
1x angelfish
1x small pleco (clown, BN, ect..)

My keyhole doesn't mind my lower dwelling school or cories in anyway, he kind of interacts and/or enjoys the movement/interaction, is the reason I suggest this stock.
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Keep in mind that if you get an angel, you will want a warmer water 2-3" schooling fish

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