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Discussion in 'Neon Tetra' started by Mike, Feb 10, 2005.

  1. Mike

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    Question from Craig D. via email:

    Hi there, I have recently bought my daughter a small aquarium, to which we introduced a dozen Neon Tetras. In the 3 weeks my daughter has had the aquarium all of the fish have died. The latest culling was today after a water change. 6 fish died within a few hours of each other. The PH level has been fine but I suspect the chlorine level from the tap water is the culprit. Is there a precautionary treatment I should of done prior to adding the tap water? Great site, Craig.

    Hi Craig.
    Sorry to hear that you lost your Neons. It is quite possible that chlorine or chloramine is the culprit. There are products on the market that will neutralize chlorine and chloramine. I've had good results using AquaSafe. Another potential culprit, if your tank was not cycled, is ammonia. Check out the Nitrogen Cycle page for more information.
  2. joe

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    hey i'm not as smart as the moderator but maybe your water hadnt cyled yet and you should maybe get some hardier fish like danios.
  3. Adz

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    i've now lost 2 fish in my filter. it seems to be sucking them in. is there anything I can do to prevent this?

    its a Aqua One tank if that makes sense to anyone?
  4. fishfreak

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    What kind of filter do u have on the tank.The intake of the filter may be sucking to fast for your fish and they have to fight and get to tired f to fight the intake and give up,u might be able to turn down the intake speed.This had happen to my friend recently he has a whisper filter for he mini bow.
  5. Adz

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    Cheers for that, i'l have a look.

    I'm not sure what sort of filter it is.
  6. fletch

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    yeah, either check the specifications of the filter in realtion to your tank or get some denser filter medium to reduce the intake. there are also some products that you can use to stop baby fish from getting sucked into the filter.
  7. Adz

    AdzValued MemberMember

    hey fletch,
    do you know of any thing i could use to stop my fish being sucked into my filter?
  8. Tom

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    Hey ADZ, I had the same problem with an aquatic frog. It's feet kept getting stuck. What you could put over the filter intake tube is a piece of pantie hose. Hope that is an option for you.