New Aquarium - Avoiding Snails

  1. Maida_gc Member Member

    I have just recently set up an aquarium, very early in the cycle phase (3 days) - I've added a few live plants, other than that just running the tank. I do however wish to avoid a snail population. I've noticed possible eggs on the plants I've purchased. Should I remove the plants and wash them? Soak them in a snail pesticide, use the pesticide in my tank since there is nothing in it anyway? Will the snails die since there is no food in my tank? Any comments and advice on the above is greatly appriciated. Thanks.
  2. Gunnie Well Known Member Member

  3. Maida_gc Member Member

    Great! That thread helped a lot. Now I continue the waiting game. I'll be sure to update the forum to see if the bleach theory worked for me. My plants seem to be responding well so far. Thanks for such a great quick response.
  4. Maida_gc Member Member

    3 Days and still snail free. Plants look good as well. I went with roughly a 20/1 water to bleach mix and so far so good.