15 Gallon Tank New Aquarist Stocking a Fluval Flex 15


New to the hobby and looking for guidance/suggestions on stocking. Want to make sure I'm selecting the right fish based on my parameters and not overdoing it. The tank has been cycled successfully and is currently stocked with 6 Zebra Danio. Let me know if any other info is needed to make recommendations.

Current Setup
Tank: Fluval Flex 15
Heater: none yet, but plan on getting a Fluval E100 or E50 to maintain temps during winter
Substrate: Fluval Stratum
Decorations: Driftwood, Dragon stone rock
Plants: Hygrophila corymbosa, Rotala Ammania Bonsai, Cryptocoryne wendtii

Temperature: ~78° F
PH: ~6.6
GH: ~70ppm

Stocking Considerations
My thought is to have a community tank with 1 or 2 "showcase" fish accompanied by different nanos. Trying to find relatively easy to care for species to fill the upper, middle, and bottom of water column, which also have compatible temperament and parameters.

Initial Stocking Idea
1 Bolivian Ram or Apisto (unsure as to which variety)
6 Zebra Danio
10 Cardinal Tetra
4 Panda Cory
1 Nerite Snail

Future Plans
I plan to increase diversity of live plants and eventually install a CO2 injector. A heater will be added in a couple of months to maintain temps around 78° through winter.


Thanks all for your help and guidance. This started as a birthday gift for my 2yr old and It has quickly developed into a strong interest of mine. I'm still very new at this and I'm sure there are plenty of other fish that would suit this tank - all suggestions welcome!


Hi there!!
If I were you I would stick with just one schooling fish. Since you are a newer aquarist, the stocking you posed is a little overstocked IMO. Instead of a ram or an apisto (since does guys seem to like 20g and up) I would do a Dwarf Gourami or a Honey Gourami. I would honestly cut out the cardinals since they really need a large tank. I would simply bump up the zebra danio school. Also some people may not agree with me on this, but I think the panda cory's should work. A lot of people like them in a 20g but 15g will work IMO. Especially if you get a smaller cory like a panda cory, pygmy cory, salt and pepper cory or corydoras hasbrousus. I would bump that up to 5
My suggested stocking:
1 Dwarf Gourami or Honey Gourami (I personally like Honey Gouramis better because they are honestly more chill then a dwarf gourami)
10 Zebra Danios
5 Panda Cory's (or Hasbrous, pygmy, salt and pepper)

This is pretty heavy stocked but you shouldn't run into issues (I have an article thats linked down below about houseplants with fish tanks and how they can suck up excess nutrients and will allow for heavy stocked tank)

I wouldn't say my suggestion is overstocked it's just not understocked.
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It is a good idea to keep Nano fish in a 15 gallon, but none of the fish you have mentioned are nano fish. Danios are best with more length to swim, they are some of the most active fish in the trade and some of the most notorious fin nippy fish when they are in smaller tanks. So im sorry to say that your tank is already overstocked.

If you returned the danios=
you could keep a school of 6 ember tetra, and a school of 8 pygmy cories.

other nano fish - pencil fish, blue eyed rice fish, stone catfish, chili rasbora, sparkling gourami.
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I have the same tank and I have a cobalt blue dwarf gourami, 6 cardinal tetras, 3 Cory catfish, 4 exclamation point rasboras, 1 rainbow goby and 6 amano shrimp (and a snail) and I think that is pretty maxed out. The cardinals are doing really well, it’s the only fish where I haven’t lost any yet.

Black tiger dario’s are a great centre piece fish if you can feed them properly. I had one which refused to eat anything but live food so had to give him away but lots of other people have success with them. Also used to have a Betta fish who did really well in a community tank.

I’d stay away from exclamation point/chilli rasboras from personal experience
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IMO the Danios need a much larger tank.
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Many people have successfully had rams and appistos in as low as a 5g, they encourage at least a 10g, but it has been done in a 5. coralbandit has done it in quite small tanks I believe and he has tons of rams.
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I also dont really suggest the danios but, since you already have them i thought you'd want to keep them, Green Neon Tetras, Ember Tetras, Chili Rasboras, Espei Rasboras, Strawberry Rasboras, Exclamation Point Rasboras, Green Neon Rasboras etc
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I have that tank. You lose some space with the built in filter and it has a small footprint for a 15.

I like my tank and it fits into my living room, but some fish need a longer tank to swim to and fro.
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