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I thought I would keep a log of my tank as I've had a few ups and downs over the last few months and always keen on advice and guidance!

This is my second tank, recently upgraded from a small 40 litre, planted tank that I had for about 18 months. This is my new 90 litre aquamanta nano has been planted with a mixture of ludwigia spec 'dark orange', echinodorus bleherI and something I inherited that is growing on wood (and has a lovely little flower that looks a bit like a lily?). I've also got some pogostemon at the front which I am hoping might spread...?

3 Neon Tetra (from previous tank)
9 Cardinal Tetra
3 Ember Tetra (from previous tank)
3 False JuliI Corys

4 Zebra snails
2 Assassin snails
?? Bladder snails that sneaked in on my new plants

The photos show the tank's development as it was cycled and then as I slowly added the plants and new fish over two months. Am going to let it settle for a bit now as I have had a few plants die and my water parameters have been a bit up and down the last two weeks. I've been doing 30% water changes twice a week to try and keep it stable.

Once it feels a bit more under control I will add a pair of 'show piece' fish - I would like something a bit bigger than the tetras with eye catching colours, but won't bully the rest of the tank! I love Bolivian Rams but worry my tap water is a bit hard and don't want to have to buy RO water. Also heard rumours they won't get on with the tetra? If that won't work, perhaps a pair of dwarf gourami?

Thanks all,


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Looks great! Dont get 2 dg as 2 makes will fight. A trio of honey gouramis would look nice tho. It is hit and miss with the rams. They will prob eat the embers and leave everyone esle alone. GBR would be a nice center piece. Tho they are harder to take care of. You could try latacara. I wrote an article on them (dwarf flag cichlid).
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Thanks I’ll take a look!

I’m very fond of my Embers so might swerve the Rams... A trio of honeys also sounds lovely.
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PS I love the GBRs but my LFS said they wouldn’t recommend them in our local tap water as it is on the hard side. Otherwise that would have been my first choice. They use half RO in the shop to keep them happy.
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Before you get anything else up all your groups of 3 to 6+
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You could use basic bottled water as an alternative if your tap water is unacceptable. That's what all 4 of my aquariums have in them and I have had no issues with any fish or the Axolotl. I buy tween 350 and 400 litres every fortnight and what the aquariums do not use, I use for my drinking & cooking needs since the tap water where I am is disgusting, smelly and loaded with phosphate and goodness knows what else.
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Nice tank. This Saturday I got my 31 gallon tank
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Thanks that’s a really good tip on the bottled water. I (stupidly!) didn’t realise that was possible.

I also agree about getting my small shoals to a min of six. At the moment my LFS only has really minute tetra and I think they would go straight into the filter...

Curious to know if you think I need the shoal the Neons as they seem quite happy with the Cardinals? I definitely want a few more Embers - although they hang out with the cardinals as well at the moment.
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There are people that keep and breed Bolivians in hard water. They prefer soft water but it has been done. Same for GBR, though GBR need warmer water and they can be less hardy than Bolivians. Neons and corys wouldn't appreciate GBR temps too much, but cardinals would love it. Rams get on fine with tetras. The only problem with the 90l and rams is that its only 24 inches long, which I found to be pretty small for them.
Curious to know if you think I need the shoal the Neons as they seem quite happy with the Cardinals?
They would prefer a school of their own species. If they are an old school that has lost some of it members and you no longer want a school of them, then I tend to leave them be. I only have three of my original neons and I'm not building them back up. Though if you just bought three hoping they'd get on with the cardinals then its best they are with their own imo.

I definitely agree with the honey gourami suggestion, great fish.
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Thanks - this is all really helpful feedback.

I had the 3 embers and 3 neons left over from previous tank. My original LFS said I could keep 6 of each in a 40 litre and I think it was too small - I had a school of six each originally.

I switched to a new fish store who have been much better and strict with me about my stocking numbers. If the neons and embers they have get a bit bigger I’d happily get a few more and build them up.

I’m learning to be patient and see how things go before adding new fish. Will take my time and decide on the feature fish. But really liking the idea of some rams or dwarf honey gourami. Will keep you posted.

Thanks all!

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