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Discussion in 'Oscars' started by Manytanks, Apr 10, 2019.

  1. Manytanks

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    Picked this guy up from work a few days ago cos he was stuck in a 2ft tank. Hes currently in a 3ft tank while i wait for my new 6x18 to arrive but has stopped eating. As far as im aware he hasnt eaten for about 36 hours.
    **** get the food in his mouth then spit it out again. None of the platies have gone missing and hasnt eaten any neon tetras for 4 days and now spitting his pellets.
    Parameters are all good 0/0/10 and ph is 8.
    Im starting to worry about him and any advice or ideas would be appreciated 20190405_170040.jpg
  2. Frankieflowaz

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    oscars are normal to sulk after a fish death it liked or after moving/ stress they are a very emotional fish this is normal they can go days without eating I fed mine every other day or so also no matter how big your tank is he gets 10" or more and he WILL eat all your small fish id suggest diff tank mates or just him
  3. Dawn Michele

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    Hello. Beautiful Oscar. It is normal for Oscars to sulk when you do anything different with them or the tank. My Big Boy does it!! LOL!!! Give him sometime to adjust. If it fits in their mouths they will eat it!!!
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  4. OP

    ManytanksValued MemberMember

    Hes already approx 11" and the fish were left in there as feeders. I might try skipping feeding for a day and see how he goes
  5. chromedome52

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    He was in cramped quarters and needs time to adjust to his new environment. Give him a few days. BTW, Fish are not a good diet for Oscars. They like crunchy things, such as insects, ghost shrimp, and small crayfish. In the wild they eat shrimp, bugs, fw crabs, and snails; they rarely eat any fish. I would never feed fish to an Oscar, but if you insist, don't do it more than once every couple of weeks.
  6. OP

    ManytanksValued MemberMember

    The platies were left over ones i couldnt catch in time and the neons were added because i forgot to get food when i got him so added a few. They will all be moving to the 6ft tank when it turns up along with the bristlenose but i think theyre all his friends now
  7. Frankieflowaz

    FrankieflowazValued MemberMember

    Guess u dont listen to others **** only a matter of Time befor the Oscar releases terror!
  8. OP

    ManytanksValued MemberMember

    Hes eating again smashing some hikari pellets and bloodworm
  9. DoughBoy93090

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    woohoo! You rescued him!

    Now let’s make sure it was a rescue and not a kidnapping.

    Oscar are very particular fish with a lot of needs.

    Diet of protein, fruit and veggies. If you want this to be a successful rescue mission and not a murder definitely do some more research into oscars.

    The amount of fish in there with him could be his downfall. They don’t know when to stop eating and some will eat till they pop!

    Goodluck! We wish you the best! And we are here for any questions!

    Make good choices!