New additions

  1. jwhorner6

    jwhorner6 Well Known Member Member

    Made a trip to that fish place that pet place in Lancaster PA today. Came home with these 2 babies. They are in quarantine right now and I plan on adding them to my 125 with my blood parrots. Hope that works out because my wife is not going to be happy if I have to set the 110g up beside the 125 :)

  2. Kindafishy

    Kindafishy Well Known Member Member

    They look good now. Imagine how they will be once they're nicely settled in!
  3. OP

    jwhorner6 Well Known Member Member

    I can't wait. They are already settling in to their qt tank. I'm really hoping my blood parrots are cool with them as it will be the first new fish they have seen in a while. They might have to spend a little extra time in qt as my large female bp is in spawning mode right now and I don't want to put them in there right while that is going on.