New additions! Looking for advice on possible additions



Recently added some corys to my tank, just love em .. It's a 37g, currently stocked with 10 tiger barbs, 3 corys and 1 rubber lipped pleco, any recommendetaions on what else could I get if anything? thanks!


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More Corydoras. They like to have more of the same type in there, not one emerald, one S&P, one Venezuelan, one Sterbai etc. In my opinion 6+ of the same type of Cory is the way to go. The more you get the better they display and happier they seem. Same with all fish.

If you're dead set on not doing that.... Stay away from nano fish like chili rasbora. The tigers may decide to take them out or just out compete with them for food. Also, what I said about the corydoras go for the Tiger Barbs. Honestly, I would try and just get more of what you already have.

Most tetras and rasbora will be out competed for food by the tiger bards. Danios (not Celestial Pearl Danios and similar sized ones) like zebras and the like might work. White Clouds. Tiger Barbs can be fin nippers so stay away from betta, gourami, angels and slower moving fish.

Again, I would get more corydora personally.
Amano shrimp could be a cool addition. if there is a really good flow in the tank, maybe a bamboo shrimp. Also called Flower shrimp and other names for them are out there.


get some killifish or danios for the top of the tank

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