New Addition to the tank and When? (Ghost Shrimp/Rainbow Shark)

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    Hey guys I was thinking about getting some new additions to my tank, but I've recently treated the tank with some PimaFix, and still am for another 2-5 days (depending on how the fish are doing). How long should I cycle the tank after the 25% water change to get new additions to the tank? I'm thinking of getting some ghost shrimp as maybe a permanent addition to the tank or a snack for my Tiger Barbs and Bala Sharks. I was also thinking of getting one rainbow shark because they look amazing, but I'm not sure if it'll be compatible with my balas. I have 4 balas and 6 Barbs as well as 3 algae eaters. They're all pretty small right now, and I am planning on moving the sharks when they get bigger, but as of now they're staying in my small tank. I'm not too worried about the ghost shrimp because they might not even be a permanent addition, but how long until I can get the Rainbow Shark if I can? Have have some plants and a large Coral Rock Cave for fish to hide in. I know that Rainbow Sharks are very territorial and will attack any shark that looks like it, like the red tail, but to me the bala shark doesn't really resemble the rainbow shark. Thanks.
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    Aside from the compatibility issue, I will say that rainbow and red tail sharks should be kept in tanks that are at least 4 ft long because they can get 6-7 inches and need the room. They also grow fast. My red tail grew from about 1.5 inches to 4.5 inches in just a few months. If your tank is a 4 foot long then fine, wait for a response about mixing it with the Bala Sharks.
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    What type of algae eaters are they?
    This is a 55 gallon tank?
    Bala sharks get over a foot long and are a schooling fish. They need a very large (150g+) tank. So they wouldn't work with rainbows in this size tank.
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    My tiger barbs shredded around 10-15 shrimp in under an hour.