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Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by LaniKai, Apr 22, 2018.

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    So I posted a thread a while ago talking about how I was going to get a new 90 gallon soon... Well, I got it but it came with fish lol. Unfortunately, I know a lot of these fish get too big for this size aquarium so I need some help on who exactly to rehome and what kind of fish I can add. The fish it came with are
    3 Clown Loaches ( still kinda small)
    2 Striped Raphael Catfish
    1 Common Pleco (who is already huge)
    1 Angelfish
    6 Lemon Tetras
    1 Geophagus sp. 'orange head Tapajos'
    1 Satanoperca leucosticta
    1 Convict Cichlid
    1 Pictus Catfish
    I'm guessing I will be needing to rehome the Clown Loaches and the Pleco. Is everyone else okay or do I need to get rid of some more? Also what fish can I add back into the tank? I have 1 salt and pepper corydoras in a 20 gallon right now that I really want to put in there and get him/her 5 new friends but I want to make sure everyone is compatible. The Angelfish is pretty big so could I get another angel or would there be some aggression with his/her size?

    Forgot to add more details about the aquarium. The tank is 48” long 18” deep and 25” tall. It has a fluval 406 canister filter and a aqueon 75 HOB filter.

    After talking to someone on my other thread I have decided to up the Satanoperca Leucosticta to 4-5.
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  2. LaniKaiValued MemberMember

    Would this stocking list work?

    10 Lemon Tetra
    Another group of 10 schooling fish (Maybe Cardinals?)
    1 Angelfish
    5 Satanoperca Leucosticta
    3 Pictus Catfish
    9 Sterbai Corydora
    1 Pepper Corydora
    1 Geophagus sp. 'orange head Tapajos'
    2 Striped Raphael Catfish

    I plan to have half the tank rocky with lots of plants and half the tank sandy with a few pieces of driftwood.

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