New 75g tank!!

  1. nippybetta Well Known Member Member

    Next weekend I'm getting a 75g tank. I would have got it yesterday, but he has an electric cat in it and I don't want it, so it has to be rehomed. Anyway, I was thinking I want a densely planted tank. The light bulbs blew out in that tank recently, and he said he would pick up replacements that encourage plant growth. The substrate is a mix of crushed coral and white sand- apparently the plants liked it. It also has snails to keep the sand stirred up, hopefully they won't go after the plants. What sort of plants should I stick in it? I have some crypts and swords that I'll probably move, but I'm open to suggestions. The tank will be a community tank, with angels and hopefully rams. I have a piece of DW I'm soaking, that'll get moved too. What are some good, easy plants to work with. I use seachem plant tabs and flourish. It probably won't have CO2 injections. What plants would work with this? Any ideas on how I should lay them out?
  2. RogueAgent94 Fishlore Legend Member

    So far Anubias, Jungle Val, Wisteria, Dwarf Clover, Amazon Swords, Water Lettuce, Bacopa monnieri, and duckweed have grown really well for me in my 70g planted tank. I don't have CO2 either, yet. You really want to research each plant and figure out how big they'll grow. Then plant accordingly. I planted mine from tallest to shortest from right to left in my tank. But you can also plant from the back to the front or mix match the order.
  3. nippybetta Well Known Member Member

    I want it to look kind of natural, so I'll probably do back to front with a few slightly further forward. I'm not sure if I want to get into duckweed, a bunch of people say it's a pain. I'll try onion plant because I got a bulb pack from petsmart and the onion plant is going crazy. I might try anubias and probably wisteria. I'll look into the other things you mentioned.
  4. RogueAgent94 Fishlore Legend Member


    Well if you are going for taller things in the back you need to be careful about current. You don't want larger, taller leaves from the back being pushed over to shade your smaller plants. Jungle Vals can do this. I have a HOB right now but I hope to get a sump or canister soon so I don't have to worry about that.

    Yeah duckweed can be a pain to get rid of. Water Lettuce is easy to remove and looks really nice. Or at least I think it does. If you want some Water Lettuce you can send me a PM because I have a lot of extra stuff. Onion plants are fun but get uprooted easily. Another plant you may want to consider is a Lily. They do well. Most Crypts and Aponogentons do well in lower light. Also Banana Plants seem to grow in about anything.
  5. nippybetta Well Known Member Member

    Banana plants are so cool- I saw one at a store when I was just starting, but didn't get it. I'll look into water lettuce when I get the tank set up. The tank has 2 HOB filters and an undergravel filter the the seller doesn't use (I'll probably ditch it too.) I haven't gotten an email back from him saying he's gotten rid of the electric cat, so I'm still waiting. Hopefully I can set it up next weekend.
  6. MD Angels Well Known Member Member

    Whoo hoo! New Tank! :D
  7. nippybetta Well Known Member Member

    Not helping my MTS though. I suppose my angels need it, so that's my excuse.
  8. MD Angels Well Known Member Member

    Of course they NEED it! lol I just got a 75 not long ago for the same reason! ;) I really like the idea of doing a natural looking set up. I'm *trying* to do something similar, by doing a amazon river biotope. I've run into some problems here and there so I can't get it going. . .
    so I'll be excited to see yours come together! :)