New 75 Gallon for Christmas!

Discussion in 'Freshwater Tank Equipment' started by Mrs.Price, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. Mrs.PriceValued MemberMember

    Now, usually I don't get a lot of things for Christmas, I'm an adult now and money is pretty tight for not only myself, but my family. My mom called me the other day and asks me what I want for Christmas, of course, my first response is "money!" lol... which is true, but then I told her I only want the money because I am saving for a 75g tank... she asked me how much they were and said she'd get it and "Merry Christmas", I was floored! This is seriously the best gift I've gotten since I was a little girl, the year I got my Creepy Crawler Machine and Easy Bake Oven! So anyway, I'm stoked and I can't wait until it's delivered and I'm able to set it up!! I think an upgrade to my bubble wands is in order! :D Not sure what I'll do with my 30g, maybe some knew fish, or a California King Snake... haven't decided yet. :)
  2. JessiNoel21Well Known MemberMember

    Yay for a new tank :). I would do the snake :)

  3. EthanWell Known MemberMember

    a heavily planted 30gallon with nothing but a buttload of neon tetras do it :D

  4. jetajockeyFishlore VIPMember

    Get on the hip waders and get out in little miami river and catch some darters and madtoms :)


  5. Mrs.PriceValued MemberMember

    Picking up my 75g TODAY!! :D Holy Moley! (SO EXCITED)!!

    Update: Change of plans... having it delivered tomorrow! 75 Gallon tank w/wood stand for $200!! :D
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2012
  6. EthanWell Known MemberMember

    my jealous right now.. could light small houses on fire :/
  7. Mrs.PriceValued MemberMember

    That's quite convenient, I've been in the mood for a good bonfire. *wink*


    I found the tank w/stand on craigslist for $150, for an extra $50 they are delivering... I can't believe I found the deal, all I had for a budget was $200... I implore everyone to keep their eyes on craigslist if they are looking for a tank for a good price... I'm so very pleased! :D
  8. JRC3Well Known MemberMember

    Did you get it from the guy up in Tipp City?

    If not look him up on CL if you need other supplies. I've bought from him 2 or 3 times in the past. He has everything and is extremely reasonable.
  9. Mrs.PriceValued MemberMember

    No, I didn't, but I'll check him out! And also... found a better deal than the one before, better looking 75 gallon w/stand, hood/lights, holds water, no cracks or leaks for under $130! Score. As soon as this weather blows over, I'll be picking it up. :)
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2012
  10. Mrs.PriceValued MemberMember

    Here's a picture of the tank I'm getting :)

  11. AlexAlexWell Known MemberMember

    For $130.00, that's a steal and a half! I bought my 75 Gallon with stand used 2 years ago and it was $250.00, which still isn't bad.

    Congratulations on the 75 Gallon! :)
  12. Mrs.PriceValued MemberMember

    I know, it makes me want to do a little happy dance and break into song!! :;banaman

    So happy that I didn't close the deal with the other people, because this tank is way better, and way cheaper, and closer to me... I'M SO EXCITED!! :D
  13. AlexAlexWell Known MemberMember

    Purchasing a used tank (even some new ones can possibly leak), I'd suggest testing for leaks BEFORE fish are housed in it. Just thought I'd note that. :)
  14. AlanGreeneWell Known MemberMember

    Get the snake in the 30Gal!!!!!!! congrats this is awesome news!
  15. Mrs.PriceValued MemberMember

    No leaks at all, that picture was taken last night at 3am and sent to me through text, it's holding water as we speak and has been since he got it... he's got 5 other tanks and just doesn't have the room for this one :) but I'f course I'd be filling it up, and making my own checks ;)

    Yeah :3 I think I just might ♥
  16. EthanWell Known MemberMember

    gross snakes.... i am a grown 6'4 man and i still hate them. you should do the neon jungle :/
  17. Mrs.PriceValued MemberMember

    I have to admit, I am still torn!! I've always wanted that snake... but I've been wanting a planted aquarium as well! I'm so indecisive, haha, just ask my husband! xD I'd have a Dr. Dolittle zoo if I could!
  18. ReefdwellerValued MemberMember

    Agreed. I can not stand a snake.... Everyone has that one critter that creeps them out and a snake is mine muchless living in my house ugh.....
  19. Mrs.PriceValued MemberMember

    Haha, I can understand that, my mother hated them when I was growing up, but let me keep them because my passion was greater than her dislike for them. I think they are beautiful and fascinating creatures :3 as are most of God's creatures... now, some are ugly, indeed... but still fascinating!

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