New 65g Aquarium

  1. ibs2k Initiate Member

    Hi everyone, this is my first post. I was just starting a thread to show pictures of my aquarium/fish. At the moment I have 1 oscar and 1 pacu (I was told he would get about as big as the oscar, not sure what breed he is). The tank is I believe 65 gallons. I got this aquarium from my girlfriend's uncle(for free), which works at a junkyard. We brought the tank home, cleaned it well (no soap or any cleaning solutions other than water and towels). I've had these two for about a week now, they both seem to be doing good, I've been feeding them Hikari cichlid staple medium size. The pacu is a chow hound and will eat pretty much whenever, the oscar still eats good. If this pacu breed does get over 2 feet, I'll probably start looking for someone to take him now since he's only about 5-6 inches (and actually inform them of how big they really get). My only question was if anyone knew if it was normal for my oscar to have the colors that he or she does, I know when he gets upset he turns black and white, it's pretty weird, but he looks green in these photos, which shouldn't be due to the camera. If anyone could tell me what species of pacu I have it would be greatly appreciated too, thanks :;shat

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    Welcome to Fishlore! I have no experience with oscars or pacu, but I'm sure one of our members will be along shortly that can answer your questions. We're glad you're here.
  3. Je55*e Well Known Member Member

    They're lovely! However, I believe all Pacu get to be ENORMOUS! Oscars alone can get to at least 12", and I've personally seen a Pacu that was at least 24", and I've heard they can grow larger than 3 feet. I'd say either get a ridiculously ginormous tank or rehome one of them! (Probably the Pacu.)
  4. ibs2k Initiate Member

    I of course will rehome the pacu if he gets much larger than 16 inches, the oscar isn't going to go anywhere any time soon :]. I would however like to know the species of pacu so I could give him to a good home, and some background info on the specific breed before I do. Thanks for the reply, and if anyone knows why my oscar is green let me know too thanks :;fb
  5. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member
    Hello IBS and Welcome to Fish Lore. You may find the above link helpful. My brother had Pacu to reach 26" and was too large to turn around in his 125g tank. I highly recommend finding him another home.
    My personal opinion: These fish should not be sold for home aquariums period.
    Your Oscar is beautiful! I think the Pacu may be a Black Bellied Pacu but I'm not certain.
  6. rae64 Well Known Member Member

    i would find another home for the pacu. you could take him back to the store where you got him, or see if a public aquarium or science education* place would be willing to take him off your hands. *not somewhere he might turn into a test subject!
  7. Je55*e Well Known Member Member

    This is a fabulous suggestion! I second it, 100%. =)
  8. shellbell4ever Well Known Member Member

    Welcome to Fishlore :) Sorry but I don't know anything about Pacu's... but your Oscar is Beautiful :) I love his coloring :)I never saw one with green like that before :) Very Handsome,any chance of getting a full view of your tank...just curious :)
  9. DRock914 Member Member

    The Pacu will get way too big for a 65g tank. A LFS I go to in Queens has a Pacu that was born in 1967 and is around around 2 feet. Another store I used to go to had a Pacu for 23 years and it grew larger that 2 feet and weighed 30 pounds. Even if you don't see it reach that size over a year, eventually it will.
  10. ibs2k Initiate Member

    [​IMG] there's another one of my oscar from a few minutes ago, and here is my tank (nothing special, I have a pretty low budget)
  11. Sonfish Member Member

    Them pacus will get huge, heres one we saw at Ripleys aquarium in Myrtle Beach now my girls are 5 Thats their heads in the foreground lol so that will give ya some kinda scale to go by, Might need ya a swimming pool lol
  12. ibs2k Initiate Member

    just updating really quick - no pictures for right now. I added one albino tiger oscar, and one bushy nose pleco (about 2 inches atm). I also added another 55 gal pump. Still no home for the pacu, but I'm starting to get attached to him. Fed them some apples today and had one of my fingers in the tank, the pacu decided to nibble on it a little bit. I've vacuuming the gravel about once a week, have some things hooked up to the pumps to reduce any ammonia. I've been cleaning any fish feces I see at the bottom about every 2 days by stirring the water up with a net and netting all that I can see out (since I know my tank is overcrowded I'm hoping to make up for it with cleanliness) Will update with some pictures soon hopefully
  13. Je55*e Well Known Member Member

    Good you're watching out for the ammonia, since the tank is quite overcrowded. How often are you doing your water changes?
  14. ibs2k Initiate Member

    at the moment I'm not doing any, before I was doing about 30% per week, and pretty much ruined the cycle. I added live bacteria about week ago and a huge bacteria bloom is going on right now. As long as the levels of nitrates/nitrites stay under control I'll wait as long as I can then start doing regular water changes, but in the meantime I'm cleaning up any wastes when I see it and making sure the fish don't seem stressed. I added tons of fake plants for surface area for the bacteria, as well as the other pump with sponge in it. I'll be updating in a few minutes with more pictures
  15. ibs2k Initiate Member


    [​IMG] there is the pleco - the best picture I could get.

    [​IMG] the pump I got (was free, just needed some cleaning)

    [​IMG] the ammonia remover

    [​IMG] the newer oscar

    [​IMG] the pacu being goofy and nosy as always
  16. ibs2k Initiate Member

    [​IMG] There's my red betta I've had for a while

    [​IMG] There's my blue betta I've had for a couple of days. He's upstairs on a small table next to the bed, I'll probably pursue breeding him. Neither of these pictures do justice for the fish, my camera's LCD screen is broke, so I can't get it to focus well because I have no idea what I'm taking a picture of :;shat
  17. Je55*e Well Known Member Member

    Gorgeous fish!
  18. ibs2k Initiate Member

    thanks, how overcrowded would you say it is? I plan on getting rid of the pacu when I can, and I plan on keeping the 2 oscars/pleco, just keeping it extra clean
  19. cwb141 Member Member

    If you get rid of the pacu then you don't really need to be worried about the tank being overcrowded until your fish start reaching a larger size.
  20. Je55*e Well Known Member Member