New 60 Gallon Tank, green hair algae problem

Derek C

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Hi! I am setting up a 60 gallon tank and am planning to stock it with african cichlids. I have a marineland canister filter made for up to 100 gallon aqiariums (360 GPH I believe). I have a current 29 Gallon tank that has been running for around a little more than 6-7 months. Unfortunately, I've been having pretty bad green hair algae problems in that tank, so I'm not sure if I should seed my new 60 gallon aquarium with the filter media I'm running in my 29 gal. I have a 50 gal fluval HOB filter on my 29 gal, and I was wondering if I can just put new filter media that came with the marineland canister filter in my 29 and then back into the 60 to cycle, or if that's a bad idea and has the potential to spread green hair algae. Thanks!

Also, just wondering if anyone had any tips for the algae- I have 2 amano shrimp and 1 nerite snail, only keep LED lights on for 6 hours a day max, and I have live plants that I stopped fertilizing like 4 months ago, and I still have problems! (Are oto catfish good cleaners of green hair algae??) (Even my plants have suffered from being covered in the algae, even when I try to scrape it off which is very difficult, the plant gets scraped before the algae is actually removed!)


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Hi, how long are you leaving the light on? Wipe the algae off asap, and reduce the time you keep the light on. Take out old food, (which bacteria can grow on), and consider an algae eater or a few otocinclus.

Good luck,


Yea, otos are good, but algae eaters are even better as they feed off it, otos don’t much.. Still a good choice though.. Keep cleaning the tank. Our Chinese algae eater ate all the algae and color off a cave decoration lol! They really do clean it well..


Hi, Oto’s won’t eat green hair algae & off the top of my head I can’t really think of any fish that do & I would recommend finding the cause before adding a fish just to hopefully do a job.
Have a look at this thread, it has some info & links on dealing with various types of algae that you may find helpful Algae problems and how to deal with them - Algae 188662

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