New 6 Gallon

  1. ashenwelt

    ashenwelt Well Known Member Member

    So I went to an aquascaping contest and lost lol. However I built a pretty tank IMHO.

    So here is the photo from the contest...

    And then what I had to build from...

    So I started at 10am, left at 1130 for a meeting and was back at 4p and judged at 430p. Meeting in the middle was a killer! So I had a busy day yesterday.

    Last are photos from home... the contest photo is better.

    But I brought it home and can't wait to have it grow out.

    Hope you like!
    53d1059f927f32686805416ee1d9f16c.jpg fb7634323bf21fca965814e2fc71fd6b.jpg a9a2d7e0d16a43e19c30731f0713856e.jpg 67d24e36c3a3ff146c4b276a88e672e2.jpg eb213a2da980af4e9d0b5f7b4a6f3bde.jpg b226913faf17f6021040eea1f4e05e97.jpg
  2. KinsKicks

    KinsKicks Fishlore VIP Member

    Such a pretty aquscape! And that contest photo looks so beautiful! (I saw it on FB too!...Tommy added me :)) I'm sad you lost tho :(.
  3. AllieSten

    AllieSten Fishlore VIP Member

    Ohhh it is sooo pretty! Sorry you lost.
  4. toolman

    toolman Well Known Member Member

    Nice, can't wait to see it grow out also!
  5. tommywantfishy

    tommywantfishy Well Known Member Member

    You are a BOSS bud! Nice tank. Loved the facetime of the event. Jelly.
  6. BHK3

    BHK3 Well Known Member Member

    Nice! I have this same tank in the 9 gallon size and I can't wait to start planting it. This post has given me inspiration! :)