New 55G tank

  1. Eli The Fish Man Member Member

    I am going to buy a 55 gallon saltwater tank. I want to have live sand and live rock. How do i cycle the tank, do I add the live sand, or do i wait.
  2. pitbull_nc Member Member

    you want the live sand and the live rock both in the tank. let it cycle for a while. I recommend about 6 months. If you can get a scoop of sand from an already established tank it will help speed this process up.
  3. CichlidSWAGA Well Known Member Member

    you won't need to cycle it for 6 months. 4-6 weeks then you can start to add corals and fish :) make sure you get a API saltwater master kit to test your water every day or every couple of days it might cycle faster or slower you never know. :;google before you get started and do lots of research saltwater is more high maintenance then FW
  4. pitbull_nc Member Member

    well I know when I started my tanks it took longer than 4 to 6 weeks and putting fish in an unestablished aquarium is a controversial topic, however if you do choose to go this route it will help speed the process up. However like the previous post stated make sure to check your levels often because every tank can do its own thing.
  5. Eli The Fish Man Member Member

    Ok thanks