new 55g, help please

  1. Barb989 Initiate Member

    So after much research i definitely want some type Cichlids in my new tank i'm getting sand tomorrow and going to fill up the tank, i'm doing the fishless cycle.
    can someone give me a good stocking list of possible fish mates i could have. the more fish the better but i don't wanna over stock. should i get drift wood? should i put a few plant in the tank?
  2. RogueAgent94 Fishlore Legend Member

    Welcome to FishLore! :;toast

    Well in a 55g you can have a wide variety of cichlids. What kind of tank are you wanting? Lots of plants with shoals of smaller fish and a few larger centerpiece fish. Or do you want a non planted rocky aquascape with lots of colorful cichlids and lots of activity. Do you want a community tank or a cichlid only tank? Would you prefer to have a lot of fish or just one or two larger fish.

    Driftwood and plants depend on what kind of cichlid you have. Compatibility also depends on the type of cichlid and what sort of tank you are wanting. Is this your first tank?
  3. RTBS Member Member

    Yeah well rogue really got it... If you do cichlids you can only get a few but if you decide to go community I believe you could get two or three larger fish as well as three schools of fish so lots of options...
  4. Barb989 Initiate Member

    a non planted rocky aquascape with lots of colorful cichlids and lots of activity sounds good and no its my second tank
  5. Wendy Lubianetsky Well Known Member Member

    Barb989 If you are interested in a rocky aquascape with losts of colorful cichlids then you are wanting African Cichlids. There are many sites on the internet that list all the African cichlids there are and educate you on what kind of cichlids will get along. If you look below at my signature you will see what type of cichlids are in my tank. You will want a somewhat sandy or small gravel substrate as the Mbunas like to push around sand and dig. You will also want to somewhat overstock to cut down on aggression between the fish. Good starters are the Zebra Cichlids or the Yellow Labs.

    Try this website and take a look at your choices. Do a little reading and come back with questions after you have a little more information.

    Woops, I guess you need the website!!:;bk
  6. RogueAgent94 Fishlore Legend Member

    Yeah it sounds like you would prefer a African cichlid tank. I disagree with Wendy. Yellow Labs are not a good starter Mbuna because many people mix them with normal Mbuna which are more aggressive than Labs. The Labs usually end up getting beat up and not thriving if kept with other Mbuna, IME.

    There are two main choices. Peacocks or Mbuna. Peacocks are less aggressive and sometimes look better. The only con with them is that the females are sometimes dull. Mbunas are more aggressive and both male and female have loads of aggressive. Here is something I wrote talking about Rift Lake cichlids which include Peacocks and Mbuna. It may help.
  7. RogueAgent94 Fishlore Legend Member

    Here ya go, from the thread mbuna?:

  8. Barb989 Initiate Member

    Thank you so much for all of that info:) ill start looking in to mbuna and peacocks, Ill take picture ounce i get started
  9. Barb989 Initiate Member

    Quick Question Where do you get the rocks from and what kind of rocks
  10. RogueAgent94 Fishlore Legend Member

    You can use basically any kind of rock but my favorite type of rock is Texas Holey rock. You can get it at your LFS. I also used a lot of slate which you can get at your local construction place.
  11. Barb989 Initiate Member

    So after more research i really like Jack Dempsey, fire mouth and convicts can I put all three together, or is that to much for a 55g?. and what can of setup do they like? Also what kind of environment do they like?
  12. Cichlidnut Fishlore VIP Member

    I would not put all 3 in a 55. Jack Dempsey's get pretty big. A Jack and a Fire Mouth should work fine. They start off small but believe me, they get much bigger! JD's also live for about 10 years. Make sure your prepared for that.

    They like hiding places. I use unglazed terra cotta pots as caves for my Dempsey. Sand is also a good choice for a substrate, they like to dig it up a bit.
  13. Barb989 Initiate Member

    OK Could i add any thing else with the jack and firemouth like some schooling fish?
  14. Cichlidnut Fishlore VIP Member

    I've tried adding zebra danios and Black skirt tetras. My Jack Dempsey ate them all. Maybe if you add a school fish while the cichlids are young, you might be ok. You need something that wont fit in their very large mouths. :D

    This is what my Dempsey looks like I've had him 1 year.
  15. Barb989 Initiate Member

    awesome he is very pretty i can't wait to get my tank up and cycled
  16. Cichlidnut Fishlore VIP Member

    He's not done growing either. One thing that can help cut down aggression a little is keeping the temp a little lower. I aim for 77. They can be kinda mean when they get big.
  17. RogueAgent94 Fishlore Legend Member

    JD's can be very unpredictable. I doubt a Firemouth and a JD in a 55g would work out too great. Sometimes it does work out because each JD has a different personality but you may want to be wary of that. I usually kept two JDs in a 55g tank. I think you might really like Electric Blue Jacks. They are the same as normal JDs, just a different color. One of the normal coloration JD and one EBJD would look great I think.
  18. Cichlidnut Fishlore VIP Member

  19. Wendy Lubianetsky Well Known Member Member

    I bow humbly to RogueAgent94's suggestion. He has more knowledge than me. :;dk

    But I do know you will enjoy your tank immensly, because I do mine. I started with the fish I have listed in my signature and have never lost one and have had them for about a year.

    Hope you have fun!! :;cr
  20. RogueAgent94 Fishlore Legend Member

    Wendy: I wasn't trying to put you down or anything. I was merely trying to fix misinformation where I saw it. I hope you weren't offended, that wasn't my intent.