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Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by ivonko, Jan 9, 2013.

  1. ivonkoValued MemberMember

    hey guys, im going from a 30 gallon to a 55 gallon tank 4'x13"x21" so ive been doing research on what i want in the tank and wanted to run it past all of you fish gurus :)

    my "vision"
    a colder water tank 68-73 degrees w/ sand substrate, decently planted with a slate formation and caves off to one end along with driftwood throughout. also will have bubbler and a small nanoprop to create some current throughout

    ive done a lot of research on the temps along with personalities of all these fish along with talked to LFS guru (private owned), but i want to know if you have experiences with some of these combinations and ideas

    so here goes THE CRITTER LIST: (please note: my tanks are all a little unorthodox in fish selection)

    -2x fire belly newts (60-73 degrees)
    -10x rummy nose tetra (73-77 degrees)
    -10x blood fin tetra (both tetras together have similar coloring with variances in location and have close schooling behavior) (65-82 degrees)
    -10-20 silver hatchets (72-80 degrees) (either the tetras or the hatchets not both, im leaning towards this one because hatchets stay at the top of the tank)
    -3x hillstream loaches (64-72 degrees)
    -1-3x undecided centerpiece fish (bala sharks are a bit large but the tank has a large footprint so im still considering it as they would also potentially be the only fish at the mid section of the tank giving them plenty of room, but also very interested in what ideas you might have, ive thought about gourami but they tend to like warmer water)
    -cherry red shrimp colony (60-80 degrees) (i understand the danger with the newts in the tank but after speaking to the lfs fish guy whos brother has a similar setup he assured me that if water conditions and environment are good the shrimp easily outbreed the losses they have from being eaten by the newts.)
    -6-10 amano shrimp (60-80 degrees)
    -nerite snails
    -malaysian trumpet snails (60-80 degrees) also will be outstanding for sand sifting and aeration

    there it is, as you can see i am trying for the most part to keep lower temp fish but the difficult one is the schooling fish, i had white cloud minnow and they dont school very well in comparison to the fish mentioned above so they were a no no, open to ideas and comments!

    and as always

  2. Adam11New MemberMember

    overstocked IMO im sure you knew that already lol
  3. ivonkoValued MemberMember

    yeah it is pretty much a full house (i will be running a aqueon 50 at 250 gpm[has good bacteria from my 30] and a penguin 350 at 350gpm filter[new])

    well i wouldnt be having tetras AND hatchets it would be one or the other,

    the rest of the critters i have are extremely small and stay hidden in the plants a lot (shrimp and snails)

    so in reality the animals i have in the tank occupying area are
    2 newts
    school of fish
    1-3centerpiece fish
    2-3 bottem feeders

    do you think to maybe leave out the centerpiece fish and just have the schooling fish be the centerpiece? (use the tetras)
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  4. SugarJunkeeValued MemberMember

    You could look at the denison barbs, they're really good looking fish, prefer the cooler water, and would provide some color and activity in the middle if you went with the hatchets. They like 3 at least, but not totally sure how you would want to wrangle your numbers.

    Just a thought :) and here's some info on them, but the picture doesn't do them justice. We saw them at a store not too long ago and they had a great sunny yellow with that bold red streak. Very eye-catching! Here's a link someone else posted on them, and you can look elsewhere for other pics.


    Not certain if they'd be happy in a 55g as they're rather active, but otherwise you could look at odessa or rosy barbs if you want color, too. That's also if you don't find a centerpiece fish and the denisons aren't a good fit size-wise.
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  5. ivonkoValued MemberMember

    thanks i have thought about denison barbs, the only thing that deters me from them a little is the fact that they cost up to 20 dollars each at lfs's, i will get quote and see how much they cost today though and keep them in consideration :)

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