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hI dear forum
first of all I wood like to apologize on my bad English Is not my first languages and even not my second one
I'm seating up new 50G aquarium at my home and I run up to few question/problems
1)the aquarium is up and ruing for the past week and I put 1 Betta fish in but the level of the ammonia is still 0
2)I'm planing to put the follow list of fish is it to much ?
Silver Tip Tetra full size Up to 2" (6)
Red Sailfin Molly full size Up to 6.5" (4)
Neon Tetra full size Up to 2.5" (6)
Red Wag Swordtail full size Up to 4" (4)
Dwarf GouramI full size Up to 2" (6)
Redtail Shark full size Up to 6" (1)
Plecostomus full size Up to 24" (1)
my aquarium set up is :
SeaClear's 50 gallon acrylic tanks
Ecco Canister Filter 2234
Stealth UL Heater 250 Watt
Tetra Whisper® Air Pump 60
and I few water plant


Welcome! Nice tank. You are off to a good start. A couple of suggestions for you. First, a single betta in a 50 gal tank will probably take a very, very long time to start showing readings and cycle. It is too little ammonia being produced for a large volume of water. At any rate, cycling with fish in the tank is hard on the fish. If you can, you should get the betta out of the tank and cycle it using ammonia drops or another fishless cycling method. Some ways to do this can be found here: Also, the list of fish you are considering would be too much for the size tank you have. The rule of thumb is 1" of adult fish for every gallon of water in the tank, and your list will put you way over.


You might want a 10 gallon aquarium for the Betta.

Then for the 50 gallon aquarium go with either: GouramI OR Tetras OR Mollys and Swordtails. You want to be sure to get fish that are compatible with each other. For the 50 gallon aquarium you could put in 50" (adult size) of fish.
I would also recommend 1 Apple Snail for the 50 gallon tank to help clean algae, just put in algae wafers (directly in front of the snail) at regular intervals to be sure it gets enough to eat.

Please read the article about the Nitrogen Cycle and if you can find:
it will let you immediately have your tank ready for your fish.

I would also recommend a test kit like: .

To condition your water for your fish: is a good product.


I would not suggest doing the cycling with fishless methods. The reason I would not suggest this is due to the fact that I have had a tank up for about a month now and the cycling process has not gotten past the ammonia. So if I were you I would start out with some cheap mollys - tetras - or swordtails to help the tank cycle a little faster.


Welcome to Flishlore mavor. Forgive us sometimes for being less than sensitive to the fact that some folks who post here don't have English as a first language. It is fun to see where people are from. Click on the link at the top of the page - Member map - you can place your pin, then folks will know, it adds to the fun of the forum.

I suggest that in addition to keeping your total number of fish below the 1" per gallon, that a common pleco is just to large and messy to keep in a 50 gal tank. It is much better to get a bristlenose pleco that will top out at 5", to help with the house cleaning.
It's nice you joined us. Feel free to ask any time you have questions.

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