New 5 gallon tank

  1. celizabethh3

    celizabethh3 Member Member

    I bought a Fluval Spec and am in the process of doing a fish-less cycle but I was just wondering what some options for stocking it would be? I know a betta is probably my best bet, but are there any other fish that would be suitable?

  2. FallenOwl

    FallenOwl Well Known Member Member

    You could do
    3-5 male OR female guppies
    3-4 shrimp (ghost, Amano, or cherry)
    1-2 snails (Nerite, or mystery)

    You could also substitute the guppies for glolight tetras, or sparkling gouramis (if you can find them)

  3. N

    New Fish in Town Well Known Member Member

    Betta, shrimp, and snails are all you can really do.
  4. Sarah73

    Sarah73 Fishlore VIP Member

    Why 3-5 guppies? That is overstocking the tank for a 5 gal. 3 guppies is even to much. For a 5gal you could put a beta and some snails if you want. Or you can make it in invertebrate tank. Or even a planted tank full of plants!
  5. s

    s hawk Well Known Member Member

    You could do three guppies. Kept 2 in uncycled 2.5 (eventually cycled it once I realized it wasn't). Just make sure they are all male. Granted I have thought about just getting a single pregnant female in 5.5 and going from there. It's a little small but it can be done.
  6. Toxickissez20

    Toxickissez20 Member Member

    I wouldn't do all male guppies if you are gonna do guppies. They tend to be territorial and get aggressive when it's just males. I believe you want atleast 3 females to 1 male if you want a male, but you will get fry as they are live bearers. If you don't want unexpected fry all female guppies.I would go with a Betta and shrimp or snail.
  7. Sarah73

    Sarah73 Fishlore VIP Member

    No that's going to overcrowd the tank. What kind of fish are you lookin for?
  8. OP

    celizabethh3 Member Member

    I had seen pictures of killifish and boraras (sp?) but wasn't sure what tank requirements they needed.

    My LFS said I could keep 3-4 cherry barbs but I know they get too big for a 5 gallon so I was just trying to explore some options.
  9. Sarah73

    Sarah73 Fishlore VIP Member

    Cherry barbs are meant to be in a group of at least 5. Do you want an invertebrate tank? Or a group tank? Or a one fish tank? Or different fish tank?
  10. OP

    celizabethh3 Member Member

    A group tank would be ideal but are there any fish small enough for that?
  11. K

    Kwig Well Known Member Member

    Scarlet badis (Dario Dario.) I've read you can keep a male and 1 to 3 females but that may be outdated info.
  12. Sarah73

    Sarah73 Fishlore VIP Member

    i have to think about that. give me a few mins to think about that question.
    Okay, so after i thought and did a little research on this topic, i can't say you would be able to keep a "grouping" fish in their and be happy. danios need at least 5, but they are very active, so thats a no. Neon tetra's also need to be in a group of 5 or more, but they are also very active, so thats also a no. The list could go on for a while, but you can't really keep 5+ fish in a 5gal and them be happy. I would suggest either getting a beta with some snails or shrimp or both or getting a bigger tank :)
  13. P

    Peacefantasy Well Known Member Member

    Please do not put tetras, guppies or barbs in a 5g.

    Your best options are a betta, snails, or shrimp :)
  14. Sarah73

    Sarah73 Fishlore VIP Member

    I said they are a no. Why did you say please don't put tetra's, guppies, or barbs in a 5g if I said that?? You said what I said lol.
  15. P

    Peacefantasy Well Known Member Member

    You werent the only one who responded to the OP
  16. g

    geraldatwork Initiate Member

    I have a 5 gallon Cherry Shrimp tank with a few pond snails that got in and a lot of plants. . I also have 4 Ember Tetras but looking for a couple more. They are tiny skinny 3/4" fish that won't eat the tiny shrimplets. and don't seem to add much load to the tank. I have 5 adult shrimp and about 25-30 babies. I change about 30% of the water once a week and the Nitrates never get much higher than 10ppm
  17. Sarah73

    Sarah73 Fishlore VIP Member

    Oh I thought you copied mine