New 4ft tank, fishless cycle?

Discussion in 'Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle' started by Rmachines, Mar 26, 2010.

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    Hi all, i have just upgraded my tank, i now have a 4ft tank, this has been set up in my new house with no fish in it, i squeezed out some of the muck from the filter hoping it would start off the ammonia cycle, But im totally new to this, i have a comprehensive testing kit, but i dont really know much about the "fishless cycle" How do i get it started, i would like to get it going before i put fish into it, i made that mistake last time. The tank was fully established before so the substrate should have some goodness in it.

    Is there any tips and tricks to get the cycle up and running before i risk putting fish into it? as when i move out of this house and into the new one i will have to introduce my fish from my smaller tank into this one, Should i maybe take some water from my water changes in my established tank and put it into the new one?

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    I'm not sure how much benificial bacteria actually gets into the tank when you squeeze it like that, but any bacteria that does needs an ammonia source or it will starve off.

    You can use pure ammonia (meaning ammonia with no additives such as detergent, surficants etc), or you could put a piece of raw shrimp in the tank which will release ammonia as it decomposes.

    Also, if the old tank is up and running with fish in it, and you plan on transfering the fish out of the old tank, you could just put your old filter on the new tank (along with the new filter) and have an instant cycle. Then after a few weeks when the new filter has developed a bacteria colony you could remove the old filter.

    Good Luck!
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    I know I'm in trouble when my reply is much longer than someone who's signature says something about rambling on and on and on...:;laughing
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    I was one step out the door when I was posting so my post was much shorter than my usual storybook.
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    LOL! I guess some of us just love the sound of our own typing! I haven't read King in a while, but I was never disappointed with his works. Lately I've been on a Michael Crichton/Dan Brown kick. I'm also one of those who wouldn't have minded Tolkien's LOTR to be about 10 times longer!

    Back on point, Rmachines, I just caught your last question and IMO there would be no real point in transferring water from your established tank to your new one. Your bacteria colonizes on the surfaces, it doesn't float freely in the water so the only thing you'd be transferring would be nitrates which is the end result of the cycle and therefore not helpful. However you can transfer some gravel or decorations from the established tank to the new one to transfer over some BB. You can also cut a small piece of floss from your filter media and stuff it in the filter for the new tank. Just don't remove too much otherwise you'll put your established tank into a mini cycle. If you do transfer some BB from your old tank to the new one, just make sure you provide an ammonia source to keep them fed.
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    As to sqeezing the muck into your tank...I usually squeeze the muck into the filter to get it directly into the floss....or using a turkey baster, sqeeze it into a small bowl, get it with the baster into the filter intake. But as mentioned above, you will need an small amonia source until you begin adding fish.
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    thanks for the replies! I have added both filters, lots of ornaments, and all the old substrate, will see how it goes, i think i will go for the shimp option!! thanks
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    I think you should do something quick. I am not sure how fast bacteria will die off but it won't do much good to use all of your seeded material and now it has been several days without an ammonia source. I used pure ammonia on my 120g tank and it went very well. I had some seeded material and it fully cycled in about 10 days.