New 40l (8.5 Gallon) Shrimp Tank Journal


So when the local pet shop reduced their Fluval curve's drastically in price by 40% I could not resist buying one of the 8.5's. It came with an internal but I had a quick look and see and it's loud, uses filter cartridges rather than sponges and pre-filter material so isn't particularly long term sustainable.

I've placed an order for an EheI'm pickup 45 instead so that's lighting and filtration pretty much set. I realize it's an internal and that it's the smallest internal they sell, but please keep in mind that for the size of my tank and the fact i'm only ever going to keep shrimp.

I'm keeping this journal, because although I have a lovely Discus tank and a separate Angel tank, both doing fabulously, neither is where I want them as a whole even though the fish are there and I love them. Either because of budget, or because the local stock in Australia wasn't available at the time they're driftwood tanks with a load of random plants that aren't growing very well. This time round I want to fashion this into my dream aquarium that's properly youtube worthy and hopefully this Journal is motivation enough to hit that goal week after week until it's done.

Update 1 - finished.

P.S. yes that's black Acrylic non toxic paint that will be applied shortly after a quick KingofDiy youtube video!
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Nice little tank for shrimp, look forward to seeing it progress
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Massive update guys, everything came in all at once.

Soil is Fluval shrimp substrate
Filter is a simple small but adequate EheI'm pickup 45
Lights are standard, and no matter what anyone says about planting under regular LED's in one package tanks, they are absolutely thriving
I have dripped in some Seachem flourish, just in case.
The background has been successfully painted black thanks to Joey's guide on Youtube.

I'm keeping our family's trio of Danio's in there because the old tank they were in was a pathetic excuse of plastic and we couldn't bear to house them in that any longer.
Heater is an off the shelf one that would fit vertically, it keeps the tank at 22degrees C or 71.6 F even at night, and we're entering winter with nights never going above single digits, so yeah it's absolutely crucial!

Okay now for the plants,
The carpet plant was from our local shop, it was called dwarf something, please someone educate me because the whiteout writing on the glass was all rubbed out.
Bought some Java ferns on a teeny tiny log
3 cute and cuddly Marimo moss balls about 3-4cm each.

That's it, I want a 100% coverage carpet and not too many features
Simple and tidy!

I've purchased 20 extra Red Cherry Shrimp to start with which brings the colony up to 28, our bigger shrimp after a week in the new tank have already started with the eggs so I'm pretty sure that colony will absolutely bloom!
I'll keep everyone updated on the progress of the carpet but please enjoy these starting out pictures for now!

Update 2. Finished

P.S. anyone know why the s won't work properly?

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