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  1. ladyagate

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    Here is my new 30 gal that I upgraded to a few weeks ago. Mopani wood to the left, fake plants (wish I had real ones), lava rock, black gravel etc. The tiny log on the right is actually locally made from clay here in MN.

    In this tank I have 3 rummynose tetras, 1 honey gourami, and 1 panda catfish. (While this is a new tank, there is no need to worry about cycling since I have the filter from my previous tank running alongside the new one. This paired with most of the gravel/plants from my old tank = no ammonia/nitrite spike! :)) I'm hoping to pick up 2 more rummynose to complete that school. Maybe in a few weeks, a couple more pandas, another honey gourami, and perhaps an angel or pearl gourami for my big fish. :D Any suggestions would be great!

    I just recently placed the mopani and tall plants in there and rearranged everything to create some good hiding places.. In the couple days that followed, the colors of my fish have brightened and they seem quite relaxed.

    Can't wait to finish stocking this tank!

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  2. Gamer

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    Very nice! I dig the placement of all the plants and decor, it looks good and provides plenty of secure spots. Suggestions: Definately more rummynoses, I'm picking up my rummies tomorrow and I need at least 5. I'd get a pearl as a good centerpiece fish!
  3. midthought

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    It looks great. :happy0034: And I'm surprised the mopani wood isn't dying your water brown (but all the better for you!). I do think that you should definitely get more cories though, as they really need buddies to feel secure. If it were me, I think I'd prioritize a couple more cories over more rummies (if you had to pick), as the rummies are at least in a small school already. Looks great though, and your pictures are very professional! It's not often I see depth of field in an aquarium shot. ;D
  4. JustinF

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    Awesome looking tank, pretty fish and I love your plants & decor arrangements. I'm curious your pictures look great are you a photographer? What kind of camera did you use?
  5. OP

    ladyagateValued MemberMember

    Thanks for all your kind words :)

    I am definitely relieved that the mopani hasn't leached so far. I soaked it in a bucket of hot water for almost two weeks, changing it at least once a day. The water kept coming out dark orange so I got impatient and threw it in the dishwasher! Now that I've tried it I would definitely recommend that to anyone planning on putting new mopani in their tank.

    Also, I use a canon rebel xti with a couple different lenses. I'm currently studying to become a graphic designer so I spend a lot of time playing with photoshop as well :D.

    Would 4 rummynoses total in a 30gal cut it, or would 5 be better? I am considering adding 4 or 5 rasporas, although I don't want to entirely fill my tank with schooling fish.

    I've only ever had 10 gal tanks so I'm a little overwhelmed by all this open space!
  6. Gamer

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    I think the more the better as they love to school perhaps more than any other shoaling fish in the hobby, even moreso than cardinals perhaps. Many consider them the best schoolers. Some say at least 7 and more is ideal. 5-6 probably I'd aim for although they should stick together no matter how many.
  7. peacemaker92

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    Looks beautiful! Your pics are great too :) Thanks for sharing!
  8. LyndaB

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  9. zeddy

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    very nice planted tank congrats and enjoy
  10. katwright

    katwrightNew MemberMember

    I wish my tank would look like that. I'm planning a makeover soon....
  11. Jrobber

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    Your tank looks great. Pretty fish and great setup, nice work!
  12. tetralover77

    tetralover77Valued MemberMember

    definitely get more cories and get more rummies also i have a suggestion on the centerpiece fish, a bolivian ram or german blue ram if you keep the water perfect
  13. platy ben

    platy benWell Known MemberMember

    For your centre piece I would steer clear of another large gourami as it may bully your honey gourami.
    I like tetra lovers suggestions :) A bolivian/german ram or 2 would be nice :)
  14. Gamer

    GamerWell Known MemberMember

    I should have added I am only speaking from experience, I've kept honey gouramis with dwarf gouramis before with no problems. I never had pearls but always read they are more peaceful than dwarfs.
  15. midthought

    midthoughtWell Known MemberMember

    Definitely more cories!! Your panda cory needs friends. I also second a ram, my blue ram is simply gorgeous.
  16. OP

    ladyagateValued MemberMember

    Thank you everyone for all these great suggestions!

    I stopped by my lfs today and picked up 3 more rummynoses to make a combined 6 in my tank. The majority of rummys at the lfs seemed to be juvenile so now I have 3 tiny guys paired with the big ones. I'm looking forward to watching them grow.. Also, I was amazed that once I let them go they did not run and hide, but made a bee line for the existing rummys. They have been schooling all over the tank together all evening and I'm happy to report that the new ones are beginning to get their rosy color.

    I had intended to purchase two pandas to create a small school of them, but unfortunately the owner at my lfs was honest with me and told me to hold off buying fish from that tank. Honeys and DGs are kept in the same tank with the pandas and one of the powder blue DGs was not looking the healthiest :(. He also mentioned that a few of the fish in that tank from his last shipment had died since arriving on Tuesday. So in the end, no honeys or pandas for me today. I will return in a week or two to try again. On a side note, I also saw a honey gourami in that tank who was missing an eye :eek: He seemed entirely healthy so it seems he was born that way. Poor little guy was bumping into things! I feel bad because I think it is likely that he will be there for quite a while since he isn't necessarily as "aesthetically pleasing" as the other honeys in the tank. :-\

    I'm still on the fence about the pearl gourami and the angel.. And now the ram! I did a little research on them and they are very beautiful. I don't know very much about them so I am curious, aren't they a cichlid and therefor a little aggressive for my honey gourami? Also, I am pretty sure that I will eventually add 4 rasboras so I can have a little more activity towards the top of my tank.

    Thanks again for all the compliments on the tank pictures :D
  17. midthought

    midthoughtWell Known MemberMember

    I think the ram only gets aggressive when breeding, but I could be theory though, a ram will play nice if there's no mate in the tank. I have the lone female ram and she gets along with my cories and rummies fine.
  18. Nitro Junkie

    Nitro JunkieValued MemberMember

    Great looking tank.

    If you want a cichlid for a center piece,a single Apisto would work too.
  19. tetralover77

    tetralover77Valued MemberMember

    german blue rams are tiny and one of the most peaceful of the entire cichlid family.
  20. canadiangal

    canadiangalNew MemberMember

    Beautiful tank and fish!

    Every tank I see here, makes me want to re-do mine...then I see another I like. hahaha