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Discussion in 'Freshwater Aquarium Builds' started by frogfan, Jul 4, 2014.

  1. frogfanValued MemberMember

    Well its not pretty but its done now i just need to get the fish in with out killing them. While i was setting up the tank the water in the holding tank got down to 71or so from 76 and now the water in the 29g is st 86 i tryed lowering it by replaceing some of the water with cold water but after 5 buckets it only went down from 90 to86. The catfish and snail are in the bucket now with the water from the holding tank and some fresh tsnk water adding a cup 1/2 of new tank water every 15 min. Tommorrow the guppies will go in and monday ill put the deco in all the silicon from the plant bases letgo when i washed them yesterday so they all need to be redone and then ill start making new deco to replace thus stuff with pink, blue, purple, and white deco

    empty tank 2014-07-04 09.07.49.jpg half full dresser holding up 2014-07-04 11.45.48.jpg full that dressers not going any where 2014-07-04 12.58.20.jpg the stuff white stuff around the filter is outside the tank i was trying to buffer it its very loud and u could hear it in the bedroom 2014-07-04 12.58.15.jpg2014-07-04 12.57.40.jpg2014-07-04 12.57.09.jpg2014-07-04 12.56.53.jpg my temps way higher then i want it 2014-07-04 12.45.16.jpg2014-07-04 12.45.05.jpg

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  2. Claire Bear

    Claire BearWell Known MemberMember

    Hi, you could bag some ice cubes in Ziploc (make sure they don't leak) and float them in the 29g to get the temp down. :)
  3. _Fried_Bettas_

    _Fried_Bettas_Well Known MemberMember

    The easiest way to cool down a tank is by pointing a fan at the water surface. Even a small clip on fan will maintain temps below 80 when it is 95 degrees. But if you want to change it fast use a large fan.
  4. OP

    frogfanValued MemberMember

    I dont think we have a fan we have central air the fisb seems ok i got the water in the bucket to about 78 and the tank temp to around 82 so i put the fish in a plastic container and put it in the tank to float till the temp equalizes

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