New 2 Bettas!!!!


HI I don't know much about the betta fish , but I was wondering whether it is safe to put them in my 40G tank with 3 goldfish and 4 zebra danios? ???
:-\Will they fight with the goldfish and danios?
:-XWill the zebra danios nip there fins?
:-[I don't have a heater in that coldwater tank, but the temp generally stays around 20degreesC, is this alright? As people just keep them in bowls?
???Can males and females go in a tank together?

Thanks ;D so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The water temps are just about right for the goldfish and the zebra danios at 20c(68F). The Betta will need water temps in the 26-27c range. They are true tropical fish and need warmer water while the goldfish are cooler water fish. the danios are very adaptive and can handle either.


You should never keep Bettas together, even males and females will hurt each other. They can only be put together for a few hours during spawning and even then things get rough and both will have torn fins. If the female is kept in with the male he will eventually kill her.
Goldfish are not compatible with Bettas for many reasons, not the least of which is temperature. Bettas need to be kept in water 28C. A tank of 20C water would kill a Betta fairly quickly. That would be freezing to them! 
If you have a male and female you could get a tank (at least 10 gallons) and split it with a divider (make sure the top is covered and there is no space for either fish to jump to the other side) and keep them in there. They get along nicely as neighbors and the divider makes sure they can't hurt each other. Make sure the tank is filtered and heated and is cycled.


I agree with everything said. The tank is much too cold for a Betta, and besides the Goldies and possibly the Danios would probably nip the Betta's fins. Just because some people put Bettas in bowls, doesn't mean it's good for them to be freezing. Bettas in bowls don't live long and are unhappy and listless.
If you haven't done so already, I'd recommend reading the stickied post by chickadee called something like "Welcome and Betta Care Guide." It outlines all the requirements of Bettas, if you still want to get one.
Some good tank mates for Bettas are small, peaceful catfish like Cories and Otos. These are really the only fish that consistently get along with Bettas, and most Bettas tolerate them too.
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Thanks for all your help guys! ;D I thought betta's would be right if I put them in the coldwater tank, seeing them in the bowls and everything. Boy was I wrong! I thought they always looked sad. :'(
I don't think I'll get bettas anymore! For the betta's sake ofcourse

Thanks for the info guys! ;D

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