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Discussion in 'Members Fish Tanks' started by sleow, Jun 21, 2018.

  1. sleowValued MemberMember

    Started up a new 10g this week! Used a sponge filter that I had running in my 36g before and used PFS for substrate again. I moved a couple plants from my small 5g to the 10g and ran to my LFS and got a couple new plants, including the beautiful anubias on driftwood in the center. They had it glued on already, which saved me the hassle of putting a centerpiece together myself!

    While I was at the store, this beautiful twin tail halfmoon caught my eye and I had to have him. He's my first male in years, I've only had ladies before now. He's still settling in and hasn't quite figured out that I am the provider of food yet. I'm getting a bit worried that he's not eating, so I'm planning on running to the store again to hopefully get him some yummy treats to entice him to eat something.


  2. GoldfishfreakValued MemberMember

    So gorgeous! Both the tank and the betta. I love the driftwood, it's a nice touch to the light sand.

  3. sleowValued MemberMember

    Thank you!! I am very pleased with it, especially since with was able to put it together so quickly! It definitely helped having seeded filter medium to cycle the tank quickly.

    Aemon the betta boy is starting to warm up to me and the tank. I was able to convince him to eat a couple blackworms this evening. He was still a bit hesitant, but couldn't resist the wriggling snack. Hopefully he warms up to my other betta pellets eventually! The worms may be yummy for him but they're a bit creepy sitting in my fridge. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::emoji_sweat_smile:
  4. GoldfishfreakValued MemberMember

    LOL they are gross sometimes!
    That's good he's starting to like you.
    My Betta took a bit to like me, he used to give me the death stare! Now he always gets really happy when he sees me!!!
  5. sleowValued MemberMember

    Some pictures of Aemon this morning.

    He's finally associating me with goodies! He swam right up to the front when I came to turn on his light. I've started to try and transition him to pellets in addition to his wormy treats. He ate a couple pellets last night but only when hand fed with tweezers. :emoji_sweat_smile: I think he's just going to be a high maintenance betta boy. :emoji_shrug:

    I have yet to see him flare. He seems more skittish than fierce. When my boyfriend went up to the tank and put his finger on the glass, Aemon couldn't not swim away fast enough. Poor guy was freaked out. My other fish love to play follow the finger but Aemon is not a fan.
  6. GoldfishfreakValued MemberMember

    Some bettas tend to be more skittish. I've only ever has one of my bettas flare regularly. He would flare at me when he was hungry but he wasn't aggressive towards his loach friends. You may have to feed him with tweezers lol, my Betta will only take food from a red spoon that came with the betta dial a treat thing. But at least he likes the pellets:)

    He's starting to look like he's cheering up, I think he will be a nice red and blue colour!
  7. Small TanksValued MemberMember

    Bettas really differ for sure. I have one in a 10G with rasboras and growing out cories and he's afraid of THEM.

    Mean while my daughter's koi betta will literally attack your hand when you put it in the tank to clean. (I don't think he's ever getting any tank mates)
  8. sleowValued MemberMember

    Aemon got some oto friends. He was a bit unsure of them at first, but totally ignores them now.
  9. sleowValued MemberMember

    Aemon and the otos took a 9 hour road trip with me to our new home. They handled the move really well! I left them all in the tank and just lowered the water level to about halfway. I got a battery operated air pump so they still had their bubble wall and sponge filter running the whole trip. I was expecting to lose a few otos because everyone says they are so fragile, but they all made it through! I thought I lost one because I didn't see it for a few days, but on my last count I found them all! Yay!

    I also took the opportunity to thin the guppy grass because it grew like crazy and Aemon barely had any room to swim. He still likes to use it to rest on, so I spread it throughout the tank so he doesn't have to work so hard while he's swimming. He's also started to take betta pellets much better! That makes my life much easier since I don't know anywhere that sells good blackworms here in my new town. He's a happy fish.
  10. sleowValued MemberMember

    My man Aemon made his first bubble nest for me last week! I was studying at the kitchen table when I noticed him building and didn't want to interrupt him, so the video is pretty shaky and blurry, but I was so proud of him I had to document it!

  11. FishFor2018Well Known MemberMember

    Wow! Tank and Betta looks amazing
  12. sleowValued MemberMember

    Ahh Aemon is such a happy dude right now! Second bubble nest in a week. :happy: He made this one right after I did a water change that destroyed his last one.


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