New 10 Gallon Tank, Need Help Stocking It.

Discussion in 'Aquarium Stocking Questions' started by 24Mitchp, Jul 19, 2017.

  1. 24MitchpNew MemberMember

    I recently got a 10 gallon tank. I would like to get just two freshwater fish that would be compatible together in this tank. Any suggestions?
  2. jenag145Valued MemberMember

    Do you have a budget you'd like to follow??? I know some of the algae eaters are compatible with most fish. It all depends on what you like and want and what your budget is altogether
  3. OP

    24MitchpNew MemberMember

    No budget. I'd like two active fish that will fit

  4. jenag145Valued MemberMember

    Have you done any research? I'm sorry so many questions. Just trying to get a feel for what you are looking for

    Are you open to sucker fish? They help keep the tank clean and they are compatible with all fish

    Neon Tetras, Glowlight Tetras, Harlequin Rasboras, White Clouds, Fancy Guppies, Corydoras Catfish, Glass Fish, Honey Gouramis, and Ghost Shrimp. These fish and shrimp are compatible, and a few of them will do well in a 10-15 gallon aquarium with warm water. These fish are not compatible with most other species of fish.

    What all do you have for your set up? And did you fill it up yet and let it sit for a few days or more

    There are several options.

    I know that shrimp are a great go to and they are very active. Yes I said some fish aren't good with others. However, you can get a long list of what is compatible. I know shrimp, catfish, and gouramis aren't compatible because they will eat the shrimp

    Do you want a variety? Or just two? Because you can get top feeders, mid feeders, and bottom feeders that all work different areas of the tank and makes for a better show
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  5. bNissan

    bNissanValued MemberMember

    There are many options...the following link will lead you to a book that @Anders247 wrote about fish that are compatible with a 10 gallon.

    Stocking List for 10 Gallons

    Just a friendly warning, new fish look so small and cute. It will be very easy to over stock your tank.
  6. BettaPonic

    BettaPonicWell Known MemberMember

    Livebearers, there are plenty of ten gallon Livebearers. You get to watch generations of fish and watch them grow up.
  7. OP

    24MitchpNew MemberMember

    I don't really have a budget, I'd just like active fish that are fun to watch

    Ideally two active fish, but if there could be more that still fit in 10 gallons I'd like to hear about it
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  8. jenag145Valued MemberMember

    What about colors? Do you want vibrant glowing colors?

    Are you or do you have lighting? If so what kind? I'm asking because there are some fish that react to black lights and it's really cool to watch
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  9. OP

    24MitchpNew MemberMember

    Yes vibrant colors are preferred

    I have a good light that has white and blue ligts
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  10. jenag145Valued MemberMember

    Ok. What pet store are you choosing to go to? Do you have everything for your tank and water?

    Like water conditioners
    Aquarium salt

    Here are some great first that are pretty easy to start off with:
    Tetra fish
    Cardinal tetra,
    or Neon tetra

    Dwarf Corydoras
    Sparkling gourami
    Guppies (be mindful that have babies like crazy)
    You can also add Betta fish however, be mindful that they can get aggressive and don't put any other male Betta's around it.

    However, this will only work if kept with peaceful species such as White Cloud Mountain Minnows, Corydoras, Ember Tetra, Harlequin Rasboras or the like, this brightly colored fish, with the most magical looking fins can be rather entertaining and a trouble-free option.

    Mind you most of these are compatible
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  11. OP

    24MitchpNew MemberMember

    Thank you this helps a lot
  12. Gilly

    GillyValued MemberMember

    In my past experience, 10-gallon tanks are more easily "upset" by additions and overstocking. The tendency seems to be to instantly want to have more fish than the tank can handle. Neon tetras, for example, are gorgeous and are even a tad bit hardier (imo) than cardinal tetras, but they do very well in large schools. While they may fall into the "1 inch of fish (adult) per gallon" rule, you can only realistically have 6 or 7 of them as they grow upwards of 1.5 inches. If you wanted to have other types of fish in there at that point, you would be overstocking, and would probably have some stress as there would not be enough "escape" room for the schools. Now, I know you asked about 2 fish, and am assuming you really want only 2 fish in the tank, so my suggestion would be a male or female Betta, some super easy plants ($3-6 each at a local pet store) that you could easily plant in basic gravel, and a small catfish or two. A small group of 3 corydoras would be fine. That way you get your showpiece Betta that gets to live in a hotel of a tank, and the bottom feeders that are so docile they wouldn't even think of trying to nip the Betta's fins and would do some cleanup on the bottom of the tank for you. That would be my suggestion. I tend to find the most relaxing/fun tanks to be ones that have a few real plants (that don't need extra attention) some nice decor, and a couple pretty fish. If you overstock you will get aggression and stress, and frankly too much gets overwhelming to try to watch in a small space :)
  13. jenag145Valued MemberMember

    You're welcome. Is it possible to post a pic after you get it all set up and fish are in?? I'd love to see what you picked

    Make sure you get every water conditioner for freshwater

    Oh btw aquarium salt has many uses for of your fish are healthy or sick. If any of that happens let me know
  14. BettaPonic

    BettaPonicWell Known MemberMember

    5 gallon
    Heterandria formosa – Least Killifish
    Neoheterandria elegans – Tiger Teddy

    10 gallon
    Girardinus metallicus – Metallic Girardinus
    Limia nigrofasciata (Hump-backed Limia, Black-barred Limia)
    Poecilia wingei – Endler’s Livebearer
  15. Prism

    PrismWell Known MemberMember

    Hey there! Do you like bettas? I would recommend these stockings, for your 10g tank.

    x1 Male Betta
    x12 Ghost Shrimp
    x4 Nerite Snails


    x4 Female Betta's
    x12 Ghost Shrimp


    x2 Sparkling Gourami
    x8 Pygmy Corydora


    The first stocking plan, would be a little risky, because you would never know about your betta being aggressive, If you pick this stocking option, I would highly recommend starting off with the betta, and getting x2 ghost shrimp, and if your betta doesn't like them, and tries to fight, it won't be a waste of money.

    The second stocking plan, could be a little risky as well, because sometimes female bettas can be a little aggressive to each other, for curtain reasons.

    The third one is not at all risky, for none of these fish are aggressive and would live very peacefully together.

    Make sure to cycle your tank, and to take good care of your fish with correct temperatures, and clean water. Goodluck! - Prism.
  16. DuaneV

    DuaneVWell Known MemberMember

    For me, a perfect 10 gallon would be one filled with plants like Amazon sword, anubias, java ferns (trident fill a tank nicely) and a handful of very colorful fancy guppies (some sort of red/orange cobras look good with green plants). Maybe get 2 males and 4 females and just let them go. Theyll eat the fry which will keep numbers down, but if you find too many are making it to adulthood then bring them on down to your local pet shop and theyll take them. If you dont want babies, then get just males and make sure they have plenty of plants to keep away from each other or fights can break out. My son had a SUPER heavily planted 10 gallon in his bedroom that has 6 fancy guppies in it and its so fun to watch we moved it to the living room. Guppies are very hardy and a 10 gallon with them is super easy to care for. Just be sure to load it up with live plants. It will keep the maintenance down too in the long run. As long as you dont overfeed them.
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  17. Gilly

    GillyValued MemberMember

    +1 on this. I think that less is more with fish and the opposite for plants. The appeal is in the waving and the color. Anything small and colorful as far as fish go would be a perfect contrast to the greens.
  18. OP

    24MitchpNew MemberMember

    I'll make sure to post a pic!
  19. MongooseALaMode

    MongooseALaModeWell Known MemberMember

    Are you wanting two kinds of fish or literally only two fish?
  20. Anders247

    Anders247Fishlore LegendMember

    Welcome to fishlore!
    Haha, a book? That made me smile, it's pretty true haha.

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