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Discussion in 'Freshwater Beginners' started by jfhrtn, Jul 4, 2015.

  1. jfhrtn New Member Member

    Hello everyone I wanted to join a good community and have heard good things about the community here. I picked up a 10 gallon tank from walmart to really get in the swing of things and learn as much as I can before moving to a 30 or maybe a 40 gallon if I can fit it. Most likely a 30 gallon in the future. Just got to learn as much as I can from this 10 gallon before moving up.

    Any beginner tips or criticism is gladly accepted :)

    Fish Stock:

    -2 Red Minor Serpea Tetra's
    -2 Dalmation Molly's
    -1 Emerald green Cory Cat
    -2 Zebra Longfin Danio's
    -1 Otocinclus Catfish
    -2 Black Skirt Tetra's


    -Omega One Freshwater Flakes (for tropical fish)


    -Aqueon Water Clarifier


    - Tetra 10i Whisper


    -Tetra HT10


    -2 LED's (on a 12hr cycle with a timer)


    -Petsmart suction cup analog therometer

    Also has all artificial rocks and vegetation

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  2. Dom90 Fishlore VIP Member

    Your mollies will outgrow your tank and will need at least a 30 gallon tank. The tetras and cories need to be in school of at least 6+ of their own species. Plus the fact that your tank is way overstocked.

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  3. jfhrtn New Member Member

    Any suggestions on anything I should do or do better? Any better filter? any types of better food/chems? Any type of better water filter?

    Also do you think I could add 2 Neon Tetra's or 2 Buenos Aries Tetra's? Havent made my mind up on which one I like better to go with the fish i already have.

    Also have a magnetic glass cleaner for future algae.

  4. jfhrtn New Member Member

    Thanks Dom90 the Mollies will either be moved to a 2.5 or gallon tank once they get too big. Either that or released into the wild. Might just get a 2.5 gallon to put the Molly's in and add 2 more tetras for them to school with.

    Is that a good idea?
  5. Dadio Well Known Member Member

    First off welcome to fishlore. I will agree you are a little bit overstocked and that will bring maybe problems, so the sooner you get a larger tank the better you and your new friends will be. Don;t let that daunt you though, we all make similar mistakes and that's what's great about this community. We're here to help, guide and yes, learn too.

    You may want to take some of your stock back if your not going to upgrade soon as we certainly don't want to see anyone run into issues or harm to your stock.
  6. jfhrtn New Member Member

    Sorry for no pictures. I am at the beach and will be back to my tank tomorrow night.

    Also do I need to test the chemical levels in the tank? If so what is the best way?
  7. Dadio Well Known Member Member

    Please do not release into the wild. That is a big no no in this hobby. Either take them back, find them a new home or, yes, as cruel as it sounds, cull them, but never release any aquarium fish into the wild.
  8. jfhrtn New Member Member

    Thank you dadio. Appreciate the welcome

    Will petsmart take the molly's back? or would it be better to put them in a 2.5 gallon? what is a good solution for them and maybe adding 2 small tetra's?

    Thanks for the tip on not releasing into the wild. Still learning A LOT

    That's why I came here to learn everything I could :)

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  9. Dadio Well Known Member Member

    Anytime. Problem is 10g is very limited to truly provide a suitable ecosystem for a lot of the fish you have. In a short time you will run into major problems. So, a small school of glowlight tetras say at least 6 and maybe one or 2 other small fish would pass, or as a single (small) species tank. Only thing I use my old 10g for is growing some plants or an hospital tank if ever I need. Petsmart usually takes them back, at least I know they do here in Canada.
  10. Gena Well Known Member Member

    Hello! :sign0016:

    You have a lot of schooling fish. (Pretty much everything but the mollies) Schooling fish need to be in groups of ~6+. If it were my tank, I'd pick one schooling species and stick with that. I also recommend guppies! Guppies have very similar personalities and habits as mollies only they are significantly less poopy and smaller.

    Maybe something like this?
    - 6 schooling fish of one species
    -2 male guppies
  11. Dadio Well Known Member Member

    Guess what, ten years later you'll still be learning :)

    Many lakes aropund the world have major issues because of releasing something that does not belong there and the issues with the ecosystem begin. Even flushing a live fish is some places may end up back in the waterways due to raw sewage dumping or outdated water treatment systems. So yes, even a flushed fish may just survive the trip.
  12. Dadio Well Known Member Member

    Shall we dance ;)
  13. Dom90 Fishlore VIP Member

    The only thing I would use a 2.5 gallon tank for is a shrimp colony or a betta.

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  14. mcpumpkin Valued Member Member

    Welcome to Fishlore!

    I saw on your profile you don't know about the nitrogen cycle. You'll need to learn about that first, there are articles here on Fishlore and the rest of the internet explaining it. Since you don't have your aquarium cycled now, I would suggest doing 75% or more water changes every day to keep your fish alive.

    You are pretty overstocked as well - all of your fish (mollies have been debated, but definitely need a 30 gallon) need at least 6 of their own kind to be happy and are most likely pretty stressed right now. I'd suggest getting a 50 gallon if you'd want to keep your current fish or take them back. Big tanks are much easier to keep and are much more forgiving to mistakes as well. In my opinion I don't really like any schooling fish in 10 gallons but a betta would be perfect if you return the other fish.

    I'd also stop using the water clarifier as it is basically just a useless chemical and could hurt your tank in the end.

    Again, welcome to Fishlore! Don't beat yourself up, we're all learning here :)
  15. jfhrtn New Member Member

    Thank you mcpumpkin. Petsmart was very misleading but they said they would take back the fish at least the Molly's since its under 2 weeks.

    I do water changes twice a week right now with a 50% change. 5 drops of prime for each change to get rid of tap water contamination.

    I am going to learn the nitrogen cycle. Seems important.

    Any tips on keeping the water clear when it's cloudy?

    And thank you for the welcome

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    Thanks again dadio. 6 tetras maybe 2 guppy's I think will do the job

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  16. jdhef Moderator Moderator Member

    Welcome to FishLore!

    You've got some good advice on appropriate stocking already, so I have nothing to add on that.

    I did want to mention that in many, if not all states, it is illegal to release fish into the wild.

    While a tank is cycling (and as soon as you put fish in water the process begins) it is very common to have cloudy water, It is usually caused by a bacteria bloom (but a different bacteria than what cycles a tank) and will clear up on it's own as it runs it course. So there is no reason to add any "water clarifiers".

    As you learn more about fish keeping, you will learn that there are a bunch of products being sold, that really are of no value. I have three tanks running for about 7 years now and the only product I use is Prime.
  17. MtnTiger Well Known Member Member

    I'm only going to add a few recommendations because you have already received many great ones.

    Please get an API liquid test kit so you can monitor your water parameters.

    There is no reason to conduct a WC twice a week unless you have an ammonia, nitrite, or nitrate problem.

    Welcome to Fishlore and good luck!
  18. oOBlueOo Well Known Member Member

    I'd like to add a bit about your filter. Do not change all the media at once. Tossing all your media at once will throw your tank back into the nitrogen cycle.

    In aquarium filters, there is bacteria that keeps ammonia and nitrites in check. The filter media isn't supposed to looks pretty.

    Most people like filters that are customizable. Ones where you can add three or more different types of media. Things like biomax, bio balls, sponges or carbon.

    The type if filter you have takes cartridges. These are not the best IMO. They say to change the cartridge very month or so, which is not entirely good. The cartridge of this filter uses a filter floss bag filled with carbon.

    There is se debate about carbon and how useful it is. Some people swear by it, some people swear at it. But if carbon is used, it's the only media that is replaced every month.

    I personally don't use carbon. I have the same filter type you do. I cut the bag open and dumped out the carbon. I then filled the bag with bio balls, rolled it up, then stuck it in the filter with a sponge.

    With my filter set up this way, I don't have to change anything. I just rinse the media in old tank water whenever the water flow is getting slow.
  19. Dom90 Fishlore VIP Member

    Best customizable filters out there are canisters, but unnecessary for a 10 gallon. So your best bet will be the AquaClear HOB filters.

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  20. Anders247 Fishlore Legend Member

    Welcome to fishlore!
    Sorry to say, but none of the fish you have chosen will work for this tank long term.
    Serpae tetras need a group of 6+ of their own species and a bigger tank.
    Mollies need at least a 30g.
    Emerald cories need a 20g long and a group of 6+ of their own species.
    Danios are too active for this size tank, and need a group of 6+ of their own species.
    Otos need a bigger tank and a group of 6+ of their own species.
    Black skirt tetras need a group of 6+ of their own species and need a bigger tank.
    Read this thread for fish that will work in a 10g:

    Ember tetras would work, as would chili rasboras and CPDs. They need a group of 6+ of their own species.