Never Give Up!

Discussion in 'Betta Fish' started by iamclaire, Apr 10, 2017.

  1. iamclaireValued MemberMember

    Just wanted to share a sad story with a happy ending. Betta jumped out of her 10 gallon, landing 2 ft down and in a pile of dust bunnies behind King Louie's 5.5g tank. (My male betta who lives on the shelf below the ladies.) No idea how long she was there, I was certain she was dead when I found her. Her poor little fins were totally dried out. I flicked her out from behind the tank when to my horror, she began flipping around. I'm telling you she wasn't even breathing! Totally covered in dust! I have a 2g hospital tank and a little bottle of betta revive, swished her around in some tank water I got from the girl's tank, and proceeded to move her and her new pad on to my bedside table. My husband, thinking I was crazy, asked if I thought she was going to make it, and I told him no but as long as she was fighting to live, I had to help her! Well it's three weeks later, and she had started to reagin growth in her tail and find. The scales in her right side, which had completely come off have at last started to reappear! And I just wanted to share with you her spirit and let you know that no matter how down things may look, never count these little fish out! God made them real fighters! And yes I put a cover on the tank after all this.
    Here is the before
    And today! 20170410_151447.jpg
  2. BettanewbWell Known MemberMember

    Good for you for not giving up on that sweet girl.

  3. iamclaireValued MemberMember

    Is it strange to say that a fish inspired me? She must have been hurting so much, but she never lost her spirit. I just wanted to share that with you guys since everything that I did, I learned on here.

    So really it was YOU guys! Everybody on here that has taken the time out of their busy days and hectic lives to share their experiences, knowledge, and support. You guys had much more to do with saving Ms. Bertha than I did. Thank you.

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  4. LevibeastValued MemberMember

    She's a fighter!!! Never lose hope :)
  5. iamclaireValued MemberMember

    Just an update to show how her colors and scales are progressing. You can see the severity of the previous damage in the dark line that runs parallel to the entire length of her body, that was how far back her fins had dried and then fallen off. It's strange to see because it isn't lightening, even as the new growth gains it's color.

  6. Manoj AroraValued MemberMember

    Great job on not giving up...
    We can see how she is getting better
  7. iamclaireValued MemberMember

    Almost ready for freedom! She is starting to get really antsy in the little hospital tank. Poor thing. She's almost there though!

  8. SailfinPlecoNew MemberMember

    A heartwarming story.... I had a mishap with my 2 Cory Catfish which ended up in the sink for about 20 minutes without me realising, they're back creating mischief !! Glad she's ok :)
  9. iamclaireValued MemberMember

    Last Update: Ms. Berth is just about all better, still has some discoloration around the perimeter of her fins, hopefully that will even out with time.

    Thanks again for all the support!
  10. iamclaireValued MemberMember

    Glad they are ok! Cities are such cuties!
  11. Neptune334Valued MemberMember

    She looks so good, especially with what she's been through! Aww...

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