Nerite Snails in freash water

I purchased twelve nerite snails on aquabid a few weeks ago (3 VARIETIES). I bought this type snail after reading they would not multiply in fresh water.

I don't know the whys and hows but mine are multiplying like crazy. I must have at least 50 nerites now, all of the same markings as the three varieties I purchased.

If nerites cannot breed in fresh water where are the babies coming from? I really don't mind but I am sure confused.

Any Ideals?
Hmm, can you post pics of the nerites you have and the babies.

Nerites will lay the eggs in fw, but they should not hatch unless in brackish water conditions.

Are you using aquarium salt or any other salt?
Also when I was looking for info on breeding my olive and tracked nerites somone posted this link for me you may find it usful. mine sucessfuly breed continusly in my brackish tank now but my dwarf puffers eat 90 % of the babies and eggs.

I have no salt in my aquarium. When I first got the snails I divided the snails up between 3 different aquariums, 26 bow front & two 10 gallon. All have many snails.

They are zebra, ruby & Corona are the types and the young ones look like the adultd.
yes there's no way they'd hatch in freshwater. I have had maaaany nerite eggs, and they never hatched. if there's no salt....i'd have to assume the OP is thinking another type of snail are baby nerites.

can you please get a pic?
I have read instances of hatch in tanks with high gh and kh and no salt.
However I do not personaly know anyone that has had this work.

Nerite larvae are very,very tiny and are shell-less and free swimming at time of hatch and may have hitchhiked in in the water your purchased snails arrived in.
I will try to get some pictures later today. I am as confused as you all seem to be. The snails arrived in three separate plastic ziplock bags wrapped in some very damp paper towels.

I did not know the young were so very tiny.

When they arrived I just opened the bags, tore the paper towels near the center of the group of snails and dipped all into the tank where I wanted that particular type of snail and swished it around until the snails fell out. The snails ranged in size from 1/4" to about 1". Is it possible these tiny babies had gotten trapped in the wet paper towels and my swishing washed them out? I know the adults were the type and amount ordered and the babies look like the adults (at least the ones that are really big enough to see clearly). They seem to be 1/8" or so now but mostly just seem like spots on the glass until they stick out that tiny head and neck and drop/swI'm to the gravel. I have a very hard time seeing them in my small gravel substrate since they are so tiny.
hmm, well maybe the snail shipper either had his snails in brackish, where the snails had babies...and he wanted to get rid of some, so he included some very small ones. or maybe he bought the snails he sells and they sent him some tiny babies, he then included to you? I guess it's possible.....but without pics, it's hard to say.

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