Nerite Snails and Chipped Shells


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About a week ago I noticed that my fish store had zebra and tiger nerite snails in stock. This is the first time I've ever seen any in my area so I went home to do a little research as thought they were salt water only. I was also waiting for the first of the month so I could use my "fish of the month" discount and get 3 bucks off on one of them. Anyway, I bought 2 and brought them home and while I as checking/cleaning them for any possible pest snail eggs or babies, I noticed that the tips of their cones where chipped.(pictured) This probably happened in shipping and I know that It's so small that it won't hurt anything.

So my question is, will it repair itself?
They are such pretty snails and I hate to see that white chip on such a perfect shell. I could return them but I doubt will.

They have been in the tank for about 42 hours and they haven't set foot off the same piece of mopanI wood. There is other mopanI and some rock with lush green algae on it. I know they are just getting a feel for things but I found it kind of funny.


The neons always have to flock in front of the camera.


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nope, he will be left with white "scars" on any nicks he gets, luckily they have tough shells, cause mine always go to top of tank and drop down onto the decor >.<..(I'm surprised there not completely white!)

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