Help Nerite Snail, Weird Dust Coming Out Of It


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hi all, so i have 2 nerite snails (zebra and tiger variations) in 20g during fish-in cycle and now cycled tank. tiger nerite has been laying eggs all over mopani wood for past few weeks. not too much, but little every other day or so.

now what is weird is that it has small brown,dust like things coming out of his butt (i think that's where the butt is lol) and its shell is also covered in it for few weeks now. i thought it was just dirty at first from climbing around the tank and wood but now it stays on. if i touch it it comes off. you can see the "dust" on the wood itself and some plants. could it be some kind of parasite? the dust collects on the snail after a while and when it moves it falls off.
zebra nerite is completely fine and so are the fish (platies,mollies and a dwarf gourami). they both move around tank, eat algae and cucumber just fine. please see picture.

tank parameters:
pH 7.2, ammo 0, nitrite 0, nitrate 5 (cycle took 8 weeks, now cycled for about 5 days)
KH=3, GH=5
i have crushed coral hanging off HOB.

calling all snail experts to this one! i tried to find someone who has same issue with their snail but no luck on the forums or the internet so far!


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I have several nerites and for a while after I picked up some red racers one always had sand stuck to his shell. Constantly, was way annoying. It's fine though, if their shell isn't showing any cracks or chips than its just a lazy snail I would say. My one with the sand constantly had other snails crawling over him and I assume that was what made the sand stick.

Absolutely nothing to worry about he's just chilling and letting the dust settle, maybe he's trying to grow him self a nice little grassy knoll?
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