Nerite snail shell big red area??

What is going on with this nerite snail's shell? Could this damage have happened in 5 hours??


I thought my tank was basically cycled (more on that below). I bought these two nerites today because I have some hair algae growing and I wanted to start the tank clean. Besides plants, there is nothing else in there.

I did not notice any damage to his shell when I bought him, but it's possible I overlooked it. He's been in the tank about 5 hours.

Tank Parameters
I had thought the tank was cycled, ammonia was very low (~0.25ppm), nitrites were low (0.5ppm) and I was registering nitrates ~40 ppm. Looking back I realize I should have waited until the ammonia was 0ppm.. but I thought it was never going to get there because the soil is leaching it.

It is a dirted tank with plants. PH is very low, and KH was very low. I've added aragonite and KH seems to have increased and is currently ~35ppm. pH out of my tap is 7.2, but right now in the tank it is about 6.5 (up from a max of 6.0 from before I added the aragonite).
Well, it looks like an injury, rather than shell erosion. This is indicated by the jagged edge near the red area. It could’ve happened on the way home, or maybe it hurt itself from dropping off the glass (they do that sometimes). It might have also been a fish attack, do you have any other inhabitants?

This makes this nerite extra sensitive. Do you have a cycled tank you could move him to? You could move him back to this tank when ammonia and nitrite hit zero. For healing, it needs relatively hard, very clean water and plenty of calcium. Acidic water will just further damage the shell.

It’s going to need a LOT of dietary calcium during healing. Try to get a cuttlebone in the bird section of your pet store. Place a piece of this into your tank for the snail to rasp on. If you can’t get cuttlebone, try berry flavored tums (avoid the mint flavor).

I would do a water change right now. Fresh water won’t hurt.
He took a pretty nasty hit. Do you have any fish that could have done this? Only fish that I could think would do this would be cichlids or puffers.
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I don't have anything else in the tank except the other snail and it definitely did not happen on the way home. He was in a bag and sat on my passenger seat until we got home.. and then the bag went right into the water to acclimate.

I guess it's possible he fell from above the water line into the tank.. but I feel like that couldn't have done that damage.

Thanks. I will definitely look into cuttlebone right away.
Thats nasty looks like its been dropped that sort of injury doesn't happen when they fall from the surface to tank substrate, they normally result in small nicks.
Only time will tell its should heal if thats not flesh showing

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