Nerite snail reproduction

Discussion in 'Snails' started by jmoneyisback, Jul 25, 2015.

  1. jmoneyisback

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    I'm entertaining the idea of getting two nerites to help with the diatoms in my tank. It's a 29 gallon and that is what was suggested. I had to mystery snails that gave me tons of babies that I could not handle. I do not want that situation again. How likely are nerites to reproduce in that manner?
  2. Coradee

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    Nerites will lay eggs in freshwater but the larvae need brackish to survive so you won't get baby nerites
  3. Gekco

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    You won't have any snail population to worry about. As Coradee said, they will leave white eggs which don't hatch unless you put them in brackish water.
  4. KarenLM

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    Some cichlids are not good tank mates for the nerites. I don't have cichlids but I see you have a krib. Somebody will likely comment on this combination for you.
  5. Dom90

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    I dont think kribs will eat snails. The only cichlids you'd really have to worry about eating snails would be African cichlids from the Rift Lakes, like mbuna, peacocks etc.
  6. Humble

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    Nerites will lay eggs all over the aquarium(rocks, plant leaves, etc). However, they will not hatch because they need brackish water.