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okok so i have a spare 3.5 gallon tall tank and im wondering if itd be good for 2/3 nerites? im not planning on keeping fish or shrimp in it- only the snails. would it be good?

also a few questions (ive never kept snails before):

my room doesn't get a whole lot of light and therefore little to no algae grows. im wondering if itd be okay to have the snails entire diet made up of algae wafers and vegetables? also on that note what are the best vegetables to feed and how much should i give? how should i prepare them?

how should i go about setting up the tank? should i fill it with big decorations that compliment its height or should i keep the decorations fairly scarce?

is there anything that you wish you knew about nerites before you kept them? any tips that may not be obvious?

are there any snail specific things that i should buy? ik i need some kind of calcium supplement but what kind? is there any specific water conditioner/additive that's ideal for snails?

the filter for that tank is a fairly strong hob- should i get a sponge filter instead? its a p small tank- most of the volume is made up w its height and im worried that a sponge filter could be too strong- but are sponge filters as strong as they look? it could just be the bubbles- ive never used one lol


From what you’ve described I think a mystery snail might be a better fit. Nerites usually only eat biofilm and algae, most won’t touch vegetables but mystery snails love going at vegetables and don’t need algae. And for that size tank I wouldn’t do more than one of either snail because both have pretty decent bioload although they are small
For decorations a planted tank is liked by both snails


Yep Nerites don't eat prepared food usually. You couldn't plan on that. I got some shrimp food my Nerites in my 5g eat but that doesn't mean the rest would.
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yeah that works- i was only planning on nerites bcuz they wont breed in freshwater and if i can only comfortably get one i may as well just get a mystery snail thanks for the idea- ill start research on them haha

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