Nerite Snail not moving?

  1. WhiteWulfe Member Member

    Picked up a new Nerite snail from my LFS to add in as a second snail in my tank, however even an hour later he hasn't moved from where I set him down. He was moving (as far as I can remember) at the LFS, but he's remained in the same spot this whole time.

    Is it normal for them to sometimes just chill out for a while, or is it possible something happened during transport?
  2. Claire Bear Well Known Member Member

    Hi and welcome!
    Not sure but if it hasn't moved by morning, I would think it was not alive. I have bought snails that zoom off but more often they just sort of sit for a while.
  3. WhiteWulfe Member Member

    My first one did exactly that - went in the tank, and about 30 seconds later was moving around. This one, even several hours later is still sadly not moving. Kind of a pity, because it's a reasonable size, and has this GORGEOUS chevron kind of pattern on it's shell..
  4. WhiteWulfe Member Member

    Checked this morning, hadn't moved, and has quite the smell. Pity, he was a nice looking one, but thankfully that store has a replacement policy.