Nerite snail eggs


Hello, I believe my single nerite snail laid 3 eggs. I Google d nerite eggs and I am pretty sure that is what they are. I guess the nerites are asexual since he is alone. Anyways, I have a couple of questions.

1. They were laid on a tank wall. Is there any way I could remove them from the wall and put them into a brackish water "hatchery" without damaging\crushing the egg?

2. Approximately how long would they need to be in brackish water til I could move them to my freshwater aquariums?



All I know is that it's really, really difficult to breed nerites as all the parameters and everything have to be perfect, so it may be almost impractical to try.

But if you were to, I don't think that it will be possible to remove the eggs, your best hope would be to put a bunch of nerites in your brackish tank and hope that they lay their eggs in there.

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