Nerite Snail Eggs in Freshwater


Hi! I'm new to FishLore, and just joined up today because of this specific question.

During a recent tank cleaning, I noticed that my snails had some small white bumps on their shells. I have 10 horned zebra nerite snails, and two apple snails. The bumps appear on the shells of both types of snails. I did some research, and it seems like the bumps are nerite eggs. I was told when I bought them that they wouldn't breed in my tank. My tank is freshwater, and since everyone says they need brackish water to breed I assumed that they wouldn't. I have never added aquarium salt to my tank, so unless there is salt in the tap water, my tank water should be completely fresh.
On other threads here (FishLore) people are saying that nerites will sometimes lay eggs in freshwater, but that they won't be viable and that you should scratch them off with a credit card or something similarly sharp. The problem is, all of the eggs are on the snails' shells.

What would you all advise? Should I just wait to see if the eggs hatch?


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I would wait and see what happens. I have some Nerite snails too but I haven't seen any eggs

I hope you enjoy the site!

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The eggs I see on my tank walls always just disappear after a while. Nothing seems to eat them; I think they just decay.

I wouldn't worry about getting them off your snail shells.


I agree, My nerites have layed eggs in fresh water but nothing ever comes of them.

MD Angels

Mine lay little eggs all over the place too, including on the apple snails. They seem to dissolve and disapear over time. They do need saltwater/brackish water for the eggs to survive and hatch.

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