Nerite Snail Care Guide

Nerite Snail
(Neritina natalensis)

Common names:
Nerite Snail, Nerite, Zebra Nerite, Tracked Nerite.
Size: 3-5cm
pH: Not below 7.0.
Tempº: 22ºC - 26ºC
Tank region: Bottom layer
Origin: Kenya, Mozambique, South Africa, Tanzania, Somalia.
Gender: N/A
Notes: The Nerite Snail is a very popular Aquarium species because of it’s attractive shell, small size and hearty appetite for algae. Several subspecies are available, with different colours – the most popular are ‘sp. “Zebra” and ‘sp. “Tracked”. They are generally hardy, and are incredibly peaceful. For this reason they are an excellent addition to community tanks. They are also popular in Planted Tanks because of their excellent algae eating capabilities. It is one of the only species compatible with a male Betta, who will often ignore them.

This Snail’s eggs only hatch in brackish water, but it will lay lots of eggs on filters, bogwood and rocks in freshwater.
The snail can be kept successfully in both Brackish water and Freshwater.
It should not be housed with Loaches or other snail eating species. The Nerite Snail can sometimes find itself upturned on the substrate – if you see your snail upside down, flip it over as soon as possible. If left upside down for too long, they can die. Another thing to watch for is escaping snails. They can survive out of water for some time, and can often climb out of tanks without a secure hood. If you do not have a hood and the snail is missing, then thoroughly check the area around the tank!
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