Nerite Snail Babies Or Assassin Snail Babies

Discussion in 'Snails' started by Lauradesu, Jun 18, 2018.

  1. LauradesuValued MemberMember

    I'll get a picture of one as soon as I can find out where in the world they went to but.....I have snail babies. I have three nerite snails and I HAD 2 assassin snails that got moved to the 50 gallon. I've had my nerite snails for about two weeks and a half and they told me that they wouldnt reproduce....yeah right. I've got dozens of little baby snails crawling around and I'm pretty sure they arent assassin snails because they were WAY to small to breed and the nerite snails are at that mature age of mating so help me identify. Nerite or assassin

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  2. emmysjjWell Known MemberMember

    Nerite eggs don't hatch in freshwater.
    It looks like a pest snail.

  3. bizaliz3Fishlore LegendMember

    Nerite snail eggs will not hatch in freshwater.

    Looks like you've got pest snails!

    @emmysjj ninjad Lol

    Here is what you will see if you've got a nerite laying eggs. Lol 20180618_133232.jpg20180618_133240.jpg

    All of those white spots (eggs) are permanent fixtures until I get out a razor blade. And I don't think I'll ever be able to get the ones off of the wood. I have dried out pieces of wood still covered in those things. Lol

    At least they won't hatch!! Lol
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  4. RtessyFishlore VIPMember

    Yep, looks like a pond or bladder snail...
    And yikes! That's a lot of eggs! I've had a female nerite for half a year now, and there have only been fifteen eggs so far, mostly on driftwood, and three on my mystery snail.
  5. LauradesuValued MemberMember

    OMG NO NOT AGAIN. uuhhhhgggggg I know what I need to get and I'm going to get a loach ? Loche? Spelling please uhg I know they will eat the small snails from what I've been told.
  6. RtessyFishlore VIPMember

    They're not that bad, at all. Especially if you have assassian snails, they'll all be gone very very soon. I've removed infestations by just manually taking them out, I don't see the big deal.
  7. LauradesuValued MemberMember

    Cant put the assassins back in with the nerite snails I was warned about that at my lfs. I would transfer the stupid snails into my 50 gallon for the assassins but I dont want a further investation in my 50 gallon.
  8. bizaliz3Fishlore LegendMember

    I assume you are talking about clown loaches. Those will not work. They get up to a foot in size and belong in groups. They need huge tanks.

    The best bet is your assassins and feeding more sparingly. The more you feed, the faster they explode. You can also put cucumber in the tank and they will flock to it and then you can remove the cucumber full of snails. As long as you stay on top of them, they shouldn't get too out of control. They are annoying I know!

    As for assassins and nerites....I have never had an assassin harm a nerite ever. And I have both in my tanks. If they were to try and take one down, it would have to be a group of them. I just can't see it happening. Either way, I have never had an issue.
  9. KimAnnKitzValued MemberMember

    I would feed them to the assassin's. I have 1 assassin and have to replenish his snail supply once a month or so. I feed him small Ramshorn's that I have a constant supply of thanks to 5 I bought 4 years ago! I don't think they would get outta control. If they do, just pick them out when cleaning. They do help some with algae and other cleaning... Snails just don't bug me that much I guess. I wouldn't take drastic measures.

    My nerites lay eggs mostly on rocks and driftwood. They are kind of annoying but they do not come off so I've learned to ignore them. You can scrape them off the glass at least!
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  10. LauradesuValued MemberMember

    Actually it's a yoyo loach which I was told it wont get very big its eating up the snails like crazy and it's more savage than the assassin snails and they are well fed in the 50 gallon and its stupid infestation
  11. RtessyFishlore VIPMember

    Wait, did you put the loach in the same tank as the goldfish? Their temperatures are not at all compatible, and if the goldfish go for it, they may be injured by it's spikes.

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