Nerite Snail Addition?

Rosie K

I am thinking about adding a Nerite Snail to the tank. I am in Germany and I found this site:

Sorry if it comes up in German, I used Google translate to read it. Anyway, they are calle Zebra Racing Snail.

Do you think this is a good idea, or will I soon have an aquarium full of snails??

Sorry, I posted before I did a search. There are other posts on this snail!

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Nerite eggs can only hatch in Brackish water, and there needs to be 2 individuals I believe. I did a profile on them recently - .


I have two of these snails in my 55 gallon tank with two orandas. They were labeled as "striped snails" at the fish store, I didn't know their actual name until I looked them up. They do a great job at controlling the brown algae in my tank. They should do well in your tank as long as you don't add salt to the aquarium water.

And they always look like their hiding in their shells, but they're not. I noticed this when they were eating the algae on the walls of the tank. They don't go "halfway out" of their shells like apple snails and other common snails do. :] I haven't had any problems with them whatsoever.


Nerite eggs can only hatch in Brackish water, and there needs to be 2 individuals I believe..

Totally Correct.


Good morning,

I have moved your thread to the Freshwater Invertebrates/Snails section of the forum.

Here is a link in English that you may find helpful:



I have 6 Nerites in my tanks, one is 11 years old and the others are 9 years old.

They are great glass cleaners and present few problems.

The only downside I have noticed is a tendency to lay eggs all over ornaments etc. which can be unsightly.

My oldest came with shell damage which did not repair and has got worse so I advise buying those with perfect shells.

I was advised they need salt but in fact when I tested my oldest one it did not like even limited salt added and retreated into it's shell.

It is possible to hear the snails rasping away on the glass!

Rosie K

I have a 15 gallon tank right now. setting up another - but its not cycled. Do you think I could put three snails in the 15 gallon, or is that too much?


11 year old Nerite "Tigger"

Depending on the amount of algae I would think a single snail would keep a 15 gallon clear of algae, though it may take a month to bring things under control.

A single nerite cleaned up my 10 gallon in this time and kept it clear.

A single keeps one of my 20 gallons clear.

Two nerites clean my other 20 gallon.

Two nerites clean my 40 gallon.

Algae duties in my 90 gallon are being handled by two young Bristlenose Catfish which have made a good start but it will take several months I think. The tank was spotless when I had a 30cm Sailfin in there but I removed him as he chased and battered my other fish during the night.

I'm not suggesting you would do this but it's worth stating that if no algae is currently present it would be unfair to put a nerite in without it's food (they seem to eat algae from hard surfaces only).

It could only be more unfair to put one in a bare and uncycled tank.


If you think your Nerite needs more food, then put some pellets or veg in the tank, and place the snails on top of them. I sometimes feed my Nerites this way.


I have 3 corona nerites in a 10 gallon and they go a great job....they are a little smaller than a zebra or tracked. in a 15 gallon you could put 2 tracked/zebra and probably 3-4 corona, or any smaller type nerite. they all aren't the same size.


I have 5 nerites in my 75 gallon brackish,and they do a fantastic job. 1 tracked,2 zebra,2 olive. the 2 olive nerites I have in my freshwater 6 gallon lay egges but they don't hatch.
they do breed if your water is brackish.I sadly never end up with babies even though they lay tons of eggs because my puffers eat them all.

will also give a +1 to the 1 or 2 nerites will be plenty for a 15 gallon tank.

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