Nerite on Vacation

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I went frantic looking everywhere in the aquarium for Tigger, a striped nerite snail, after pruning the plants yesterday afternoon. I just found him over 24 hours later hiding in a bone-dry corner of the kitchen (apparently fell off the prunings when I chucked them in the bin). He's now zipping round the aquarium sharing holiday snaps with the other inmates but looking slightly hung over from jet lag.

Photo posed by model (Tigger charges exorbitant royalty fees)
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Yep mine did this this weekend too. 2nd time.....ALWAYS put them back in the tank before considering them dead. ;)
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Yes, amazing how fast they recover. Tigger was up and moving literally within seconds of putting him back in the tank.

I gather they are a coastal species used to tides - so are prepared to spend quite a long time out of water.
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Yeah maybe.

My Tiger was out for I think 2 days on the lid when I removed it because it was hot. He took a few more minutes to recover but hes fine now. I think my Red racer has a death wish or something....hes done 2
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I think my Red racer has a death wish or something...

Haha! Tigger is back to climbing on the plants again. You'd think he would have learnt his lesson!
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A little late to this thread but I have a recently escaped nerite - Patricia (I assume he's a he because I've never seen any eggs and I've had him for over a year, but I named him Patricia before I figured this out and it stuck.) He's in a 6 gallon with a betta and one geriatric ghost shrimp. Escaped for the first time ever and was found a couple of days later in the carpet a few feet from the tank. I assumed he was dead so I put him in a large cup with tank water which I changed 2 times over the course of the day. After a few hours I saw an antenna pop out so I gently put him back in the tank. He's acting normal but slower. Also noticed his underside has a lot more black around the edges than before. I assume it's damage from being dry. Will continue to monitor but I think he'll be fine!

Moving them all to a 10 gallon with a lid within 2 weeks so wish me luck!
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Thanks for the anecdote. Two days is pretty long but hoping Patricia (rename Patrick? :)) gets back to speed soon!
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Nerites are astonishing hardy, with their own little mind what they like or don't like.
I had a little Zebra with my Betta in the 5gl tank, and the Betta as a youngster was trying to bite off the antennas. The Nerite vanished and I just could not find her anywhere. Long story short, I found her a week later far away from the tank between some picture frames...and a year later she is still happily cruising my 55gl, never tried to escape again.
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After 36+ hours back in the water, Patricia seems back to normal - cruising around the tank and doing fine.
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