Nerite Is Hiding A Lot And Shell Discolored


I've had 2 nerites for over a month in my 20gal with a betta but recently my black racing nerite has been hiding in the substrate. His shell is also becoming discolored. Could it be hiding because it is dying? The other zebra is perfectly fine, cruising around munching algae.

I attached a photo of the fading color(left)


I can't comment on health due to the discoloration but as for hiding... Currently in one tank with 5 nerites I have two that have been chilling in the coconut cave exclusively for quite a period of time (I pull it and give it the good ol dead snail sniff during water changes) and one (I assume the same one anyway) that regularly seems to bury himself into the substrate right at the front corner of my tank by the lily bulb for 2-3 days and then goes cruising again. The other two as well as all the other nerites I have in various other tanks seem to be doing their "snail thang" without the theatrics. The group being odd were all purchased together about 18 months ago with a group of different colored ones that are in a different tank.

Maybe assure you have good water parameters and aren't exposing him to any salt or chlorine. Be sure your nitrAtes are low and that he's getting enough calcium in his diet. Depending on your water you may need to supplement him with vegis or snello plus calcium. Also if you have used any medications in your tank recently or any additives including fertilizer for plants he may be having an adverse reaction as nerites can be a bit more finicky about that stuff than some other snails.
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Parameters are 7.6ph 0amm/0nI/3nA temp 80f
Other nerite is acting the same as day 1, perfectly fine.
No salt or medication use and dosing prime whenever adding new water. I am using seachem flourish, though not over dosing. There's plenty of grime to clean up in the tank but maybe I should give a veggie from time to time. I've heard of them eating cucumber?

I searched for the racer for a couple days and couldn't find it, but it just randomly showed up on a rock one day, just staying in one spot. It was alive and didn't smell bad so I put it back and it went along the gravel fine. Checked it that night and it was missing again, in the gravel. Is there just better food deep in the substrate?

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