Nerite eggs: a few queations...

How long do nerite snail eggs take to hatch? Do I need to do anything special in order for them to hatch? What do I need to do once they hatch? Will they be ok if left in the tank? Right now, all that's in there (29 gal.) is 3 swordtails, 2 platies, 4 corys, and 3 snails. I will be adding some baby guppies from my nursery tank in about a week.
Nerite eggs need brackish/salt water to hatch. If you leave them in the tank they are in now, they won't hatch.

Depending on where they are, I would try to take them out. I hear they can be very hard to get unstuck from things though.
From what I have read it is impossible to hatch them after removing them from a surface. By removing them you basically crack their egg "shell." It is best to place something in the tank that they can lay the eggs on and then move the entire object to a brackish tank to let them hatch.
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