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Neons Mating, but Enemies near by!

  1. FishTankPerson

    FishTankPerson Valued Member Member

    Help my neon tetras are chasing each other around, which is mating right, but I have an angelfish in the tank. I know that angelfish love to eat tetras, but this one doesn't mess with them. I also have 2 bottom feeders, and a betta. If they do breed, will the eggs or fry survive, if not, should I do something or just let them get eaten.
  2. Redshark1

    Redshark1 Well Known Member Member

    Neons are considered hard to raise. They are usually bred in a seperate tank. I don't think there is very much chance at all raising them in your community tank. It is quite normal for them to spawn in the community tank.
  3. WeepingShadesOfIndigo

    WeepingShadesOfIndigo Valued Member Member

    My neons do a lot of chasing when the lights come on just normally. I had thought that mating behaviour was more of swimming in a square pattern in front of the female. If yours do spawn I agree that it would be difficult in a community tank as the eggs are tasty and also both eggs and fry are light sensitive so need to be kept in the dark.