Neons getting their fins nipped, what to do?

  1. Dark Sky Member Member

    I noticed the other week that a couple of my Neon Tetras had nipped tail fins, a couple days ago I noticed all but one Neon have nipped fins. I think I've nailed down the offender, the male Leopard Danio! I reckon after moving the territorial Chinese Loach out to a friends pond, this little Leopard has taken over the role of bully, he seems to have claimed the piece of driftwood as his own and will chase of anyone who approaches.

    What are my options here? This is a 100L(29g) tank, currently home to 8xNeons, 6xDanios (4 zebra and 2 leopard), 5xWhite Clouds and 2xGoldfish. All going well, the Goldfish would be out into their own tank tomorrow or the next day (yes, I've got some time off of work so I can finally that other tank setup!).

    ...will I need to decide to keep one species or the other? Or just send the bully off to etiquette school?
  2. Aquarist Fishlore Legend Member

    Good morning,

    I had 20 Neons a while back. They nipped each others tails completely off to the point I had to Euthanize the fish. If you have not seen the Danio actually nip the fins, then I would suspect the other Neons as the culprits.

    Best of luck!

  3. celizabethh3 Member Member

    I would have to agree with Ken! Tetras are notorious fin nippers. I have a small school of black skirts in my tank and they keep tearing each other's fins. I'm going to bump their numbers up a bit and hope it's enough to calm down the nipping.

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  4. Dark Sky Member Member

    Very interesting to hear, thanks for the insight. I had wondered that, especially as there seems to be one Neon who is completely intact. The only fish I've seen being aggressive is this Danio, but I'll keep an eye on them while I'm changing the aquariums around tomorrow, although I have seen him being very rough, I can't say that I have definitely seen him take a mouthful of anyone.

    You've got me thinking now, if the Danio really were the culprit, the other Danios and Clouds would have damage too... I'll have to investigate further!
  5. Dark Sky Member Member

    Just a little update here, the fin damage looks like it's slowly getting worse, but one of the girls also looks a little 'roughed up' on her underside, scales not laying nice and flat. I've also noticed two of them have a spherical lump on their undersides, at first I thought maybe they were pregnant, but the lumps are too far forward, more under their ribs than bellies. Also, the lumps are off to one side (left). The final giveaway that they weren't pregnant, one of the two is a boy, hmmm... I've also just noticed one has quite red gills.

    Am I dealing with some serious infighting, or could this be medical?
  6. kittykat0725 Member Member

    There is a thing called Melafix, it is a liquid, and is sold in small bottles at most pet stores for about 6$. It is for fish that are suffering from fin loss and quickly repairs it and makes them stronger faster. I have had 7 Tetras in total, but the have never nipped each other, it might be another fish in the tank. My Tetras did once attack and take off one of my guppies tails, so they are able to. Try Melafix like I said, separate the neon from the other fish and if the problem continues it is obviously one of the neon.
    hope this helped again :)

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  7. Dark Sky Member Member

    Sure did, I've been dosing them with Melafix for the past three days. Wounds are slowly healing.
  8. kittykat0725 Member Member

    that's good to here

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  9. Dark Sky Member Member

    It's good over here too ;)