Neon Tetras With Discus?

  1. Dave125g

    Dave125g Fishlore Legend Member

    I love the show tanked, but MAN THEY DON'T KNOW HOW TO STOCK A TANK! Anyone see that episode? My 13 year old son was even shaking his head.
  2. Bettanewb

    Bettanewb Well Known Member Member

    My husband likes watching the show. I have yet to see that episode. Thats just craziness.
  3. Aquaphobia

    Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    I have not seen that show but this episode sounds spectacular:bored:

  4. OP

    Dave125g Fishlore Legend Member

    These guys really need to hire a stocking specialist. The tanks are great looking but there's a reason they never show the tanks 6 months after set up.
  5. Aquaphobia

    Aquaphobia Fishlore Legend Member

    Hire us! We might not always agree but pretty sure there'd be consensus on this one ;)
  6. OP

    Dave125g Fishlore Legend Member

    Tank temperature is never mentioned.
  7. f

    fishfanman Valued Member Member

    I think if you keep your tank at 82 max and keep the water very clean and aerated, neon tetras would survive.
  8. bigdreams

    bigdreams Well Known Member Member

    Not for long... They should have cardinals with discus, not neons, since cardinals can handle higher water temps.
  9. JesseMoreira06

    JesseMoreira06 Well Known Member Member

    disagree , neons thrive in cooler water.
  10. DoubleDutch

    DoubleDutch Fishlore Legend Member

    Those guys are the worst "actors" I know.
    A shame they'll never show a tank after a year ot so.
  11. OP

    Dave125g Fishlore Legend Member

    Not only temperature , wouldn't discus eat neons and cardinals?
  12. NavigatorBlack

    NavigatorBlack Fishlore VIP Member

    Shows like tanked, or a lot of the lovely coffee table books on aquascaping don't show what happens when real life kicks in.
    I worked with an aquarium for a movie once - a scene was shot through the glass into a room. They had a pretty pretty set up for the shot, but when I returned a few hours later to pick up the fish and plants, it was grey soup. They left the film lights on and cooked the tank. Their response was the living creatures were "just fish", and could have been part of the afternoon buffet with the shrimp and sushi they served. Expendable is the way of good TV.
    The money is made, and the fate of the fish is not their concern.
  13. vin

    vin Well Known Member Member

    I could be wrong, but I believe those were Cardinals, not Neons. Certain Tetra species would do fine with the Discus. Although they'd prefer cooler water temps they'd be OK at the higher range and the school would need to be fairly large.
  14. NavigatorBlack

    NavigatorBlack Fishlore VIP Member

    Discus and angels will eat juvenile neons and cardinals, but not fully grown adult ones.